These 20 memes about the strikes will make up for the contact hours you’re losing

What else are you going to do?

Strikes have been announced again at 74 UK universities, so students across the country are wondering how they are supposed to spend their new found free time.

Some will suggest that they should be using the time to support their striking lecturers, catch up on their coursework or revise for upcoming exams.

However, these people are wrong. The best use of your time is to look at memes.

Here is a round up of the best strike related memes to fill the void in your life.

1) He hasn’t been to lectures for weeks, and neither have you


@emboiiiliterally rn #fyp #uni #unistrikes #stress

♬ Im Stressed – tiktikssoundguy

3) Lol, help

4) You’re joking… not another one?

5) That’s one way of showing solidarity

6) Brenda from Bristol is at it again

7) Time to relax?

8) Some are feeling left out

9) Time to buy a sewing machine?

10) Always look on the bright side of life

11) Honesty is the best policy

12) Time for a holiday?

13) Criminal

14) Double-edged sword

15) A concept

16) Priorities

17) Don’t worry, these memes will stop your boredom

18) Lmaooooooo

@lil_redyasUni life ?? #strikes #uni #uk #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral #trending #gaygirl #lesbian #gayngels #goodmorning

♬ Good Morning – Mak Sauce

19) It’S oUr NInE grANd

@mashanotmarshaLecturers from my university and many others are planning to strike for three weeks ? #uni #strike

♬ Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

20) Life comes at you fast

@jameshanrahanMore uni strikes #fyp #uni #massivemouth

♬ Crystal Dolphin – Engelwood

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