Ranked: The easiest unis to get an unconditional offer from

Meanwhile everyone else is getting mugged off and has to try in their A Levels

Unconditional offers are the stuff of newspaper nightmares. They’re handing it to students on a plate! Unis are pressure selling to hapless teens who end up not bothering with their A Levels! But let’s be honest: we’d all have killed for one. But which unis are the easiest to get an unconditional offer from?

Five in six offers made by Suffolk have an unconditional element, The Tab’s analysis of UCAS data has found, putting them top of the table.

Just behind them, 76 per cent of Falmouth’s offers in 2019 were unconditional, whilst big hitters Royal Holloway and Birmingham also used the offers to lure students.

Meanwhile, Queen’s University Belfast, St George’s, and Glasgow Caledonian made no unconditional offers last year.

Which unis are giving out the most unconditional offers? Find out below:

Source: UCAS end of cycle data for 2019

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