The hardest degrees to get a first in, revealed

Ok so maybe law students were right to brag


One of the annoying constants of uni life is the propensity of law students, at any time and in any place, to go on about how hard their degree is. It’s endless, ceaseless humblebragging. You don’t get any sleep? Cool! Law’s one of the hardest degrees to get a first in? Cool!

Well, annoyingly, law is statistically the hardest degree subject to get a first in. Only 17 per cent of law degrees are firsts, according to data from uni stats experts HESA.

Social studies – that’s the incredibly broad area covering economy, geography, sociology, and psychology – is the second hardest, followed by education and agriculture.

Whose brags actually live up to reality? Check out the table below to find out the hardest degrees to get a first in:

hardest degrees to get a first in

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