Meet the YouTubers with thousands of subscribers studying at uni right now

Studying AND making bank

There’s a lot of famous faces knocking about at British universities. Whether it’s Bran Stark from Game of Thrones or that girl from Outnumbered, uni is clearly now the place to rub shoulders with your favourite child stars as well as get that degree. YouTubers are no exception here, with many keeping up their studies whilst maintaining fully-fledged YouTube channels.

YouTube is notorious for making big money when you’re churning videos out and, when coupled with the fact that many influencers have ads on their Instagram, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of them were simultaneously earning the same amount that their education is costing. Jealous.

Here are the famous YouTubers at your universities right now:

Ruby Granger – Exeter University

Subscribers: 412k

Ruby is a studytuber, which means her videos mostly consist of her studying and/or sorting her life out, which is equal parts impressive as it is painful for the lazy person (myself) to watch. A philosophy and theology student, she’s racked up an impressive 412k subscribers on YouTube and 87k followers on Instagram.

She’s the only one in this list with a blue tick – who’d have thought uploading footage of yourself studying could be so popular?! At least you can vicariously feel productive through her rather than doing the work yourself.

PaigeY – Cambridge University

Subscribers: 156k

Paige is a third-year physical natural sciences student (your guess is as good as mine), and she maintains a YouTube channel that mostly revolves around university study at Cambridge. Her most popular video has 1.6 million views and documents a typical day at the university. If I was at Cambridge I’d most likely publicise it on every platform too.

Her Instagram is full of nice pictures of her uni and #ads, and we’re not even mad. 24.6k followers there, loads of subscribers on YouTube and probably a good amount of dolla from both; all while studying at Cambridge? That’s impressive.

Megan Short – Leeds Arts University

Subscribers: 37.1k

Megan is an 18-year-old fashion branding and communication student that boasts 37.1k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her lifestyle videos revolve around fashion, beauty and university study, and she also has over eight thousand followers on Instagram. She’s done paid partnerships with Skillshare (as every YouTube creator seems to have done nowadays) and has gained the majority of her subscribers in the last year.

The latest of her videos is titled “huge sesh vlog”, which basically comprises of a load of footage of her getting on the piss with her mates – we like Megan.

Molly Thomson – Leeds University

Subscribers: 122k

Molly Thomson is a second-year art and design student at Leeds University. Her channel is primarily about beauty but she delves into fashion and lifestyle videos as well. She refers to her 122k subscribers as Spectrummettes, so… take from that what you will. At the moment she is in Australia for 7 weeks, which she posts about regularly to her 56.8k Instagram followers. 

She smashes her thumbnail images and has some pretty fun videos with her family. Take a look!

Jack Edwards – Durham University

Subscribers: 177k

Jack Edwards is a familiar name in the YouTube university game, having featured in our last list of YouTubers at your uni. He is now in his third year of studying English Literature at Durham. He’s got good numbers, having 177k subscribers on YouTube and 52.9k followers on Instagram. His bio reads “putting the FUN in FUNdamentally incapable” – as modest as he is accomplished, this young man has done a lot in his 20 years on earth, including being a presenter for the BBC.

Highlights of his time at Durham include all of his library books being recalled by another student after he posted them on his Instagram story. Lol.

Eve Bennett – Oxford University

Subscribers: 211k

Eve has an impressive 211k subscribers and an even more impressive 112k followers on Instagram, the highest on this list. She studies Modern Languages at Margaret Hall, Oxford, and her channel fundamentally aims to help subscribers with revision and exams, but she also has videos about her lifestyle and university experiences. She’s 20 and in her second year.

Lydia Violeta – Leeds University

Subscribers: 193k

Lydia is a business management student, and is the youngest on the list at the age of 18, which is particularly impressive given that she has 193k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is originally from Nottingham and has 22.9k followers on Instagram which, like many of the other university YouTubers, is littered with #ads for companies such as HP and even DirectLine – so you know she’s not doing ads for any old company. Her latest video is a vlog about her first day back at university.

Kharma Medic – King’s College London

Subscribers: 115k

As if studying Medicine at King’s wasn’t enough to boast about, Kharma has a huge audience of 115k subscribers. In his bio, he writes that his videos are made to “inspire others to pursue medicine and to provide the most useful and valuable information to help you do so.” What a sound bloke.

He deservedly has over five and a half million views on his channel and his most popular video is about having finals week as a medic.

Nayna Florence – Edinburgh University

Subscribers: 76k

Nayna’s channel focusses on fashion, beauty and university life. She’s 19 and studies economics at Edinburgh University. She has 76k subscribers on the tube and 20.4k followers on Instagram. Her most-watched video is at 220k views and is a week in her life at Edinburgh University.

Dylan Reeves-Fellows – York University

Subscribers: 39.7k

Dylan featured on our last list, and has continued the grind ever since – he’s released nearly 40 videos in the last year, which is impressive considering he’s been studying at the same time. An economics and finance student at York, he has amassed just under 40k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Follow him on Instagram for what he says is “abit of this nd that and that” – couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Mei-Ying Chow – King’s College London

Subscribers: 67.7k

Mei-Ying has an impressive 67.7k subscribers on YouTube, where she makes general lifestyle videos as well as university-specific videos.

She is currently in her second year studying economics and management and her latest video is about a day in the life as a Kings college student.

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