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Someone recalled all of Jack Edwards’ books as soon as he put them on Insta

This is next level petty

Durham student and YouTuber Jack Edwards has had all of his library books recalled just hours after he posted them on his Instagram story, The Durham Tab can reveal.

The scandalous revelation comes after Jack tweeted saying: "Someone for real saw my Instagram story with some books I’d borrowed from the library and recalled EVERY ?? SINGLE ?? ONE ?? so that I can’t use them. What a sad little life Jane."

Recalling the books means that Jack has to return them to the library and therefore cannot keep them. A new level of petty.

Jack told The Durham Tab: "All my books were recalled about an hour after I posted an Instagram story of them. Lesson learned not to share what I’ve borrowed from the library loooool."

It is unknown who recalled the books or why they would have such a large axe to grind with Jack Edwards that they made the effort to do this. But one thing's for sure: they got what they wanted. Jack will be returning those books.

What's the next move for Jack? Ask the library staff to grass up the culprit? Begin posting fake stacks of books and see who recalls those? Start limiting his Instagram stories to certain viewers and Coleen Rooney his way into finding out who did it?

It was……………. Stuart Corbridge.

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