What actually makes a boy good in bed, by girls

If you’ve ever skipped foreplay you need to read this

Hello to all the men desperately reading this. It’s not too late for you and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to try and educate yourself on what actually makes a boy good in bed.

This isn’t about the perfect techniques because even though they are important, they also change from partner to partner. This is more about general bedroom etiquette to make sure she’s having a great time and you don’t wake up the next morning full of regret.

According to women, this is what makes a boy good in bed:

Pay attention to what we like

It’s baffling that so many boys still don’t do this. If you want to know what makes a boy good in bed then burn this into your memory right now. This is literally the golden rule when having sex with a woman: pay attention to how we respond to what you’re doing and if you can’t tell then ASK US.

Female orgasms are complex and so varied from girl to girl. If you don’t put a reasonable amount of focus into what’s working for her, she’s never going to have a good time. And if you think you’ve managed it without checking in, she was faking.


Attempting to have sex with a girl without foreplay is near impossible. Unless you’ve given her an exceptional kissing session for 30 mins, she’s going to really struggle to have sex.

Also, this shouldn’t be a lesson to you but foreplay is great – if you’re skipping it, you’re missing out on a lot of fun for yourself as well. If you’re anxious to do foreplay because you don’t know what to do – here are some key tips on how to finger and go down on a girl.

Compliment us

Compliments during sex are so hot. It makes her feel confident and sexy which will automatically make the experience better for both of you.

If you find compliments cringe you don’t have to go too intense, even simple things like telling her that the sex feels good or something she did felt great. You don’t have to stare deeply into her eyes and tell her she’s beautiful, in fact, please don’t do that.

Don’t just be silent

This is both in terms of communication and noises.

Firstly, having sex with someone who is completely silent borders on terrifying. Don’t hold it in if you’re enjoying yourself, girls love to hear it. Equally, communicate with her. Tell her what’s working for you and what’s not working.

Eye contact

There’s nothing more off-putting than having sex with someone who avoids eye contact. Fair enough, eye contact is generally a hard thing to hold for too long, but if you’re only looking at her forehead the whole time she might laugh at you.

If she’s looking at you a lot or moving your face to look at her, it’s probably because she’s into eye contact. You don’t have to smoulder at her, but a bit of eye intimacy is nice.

Don’t rush

Whether it’s nerves or desperation, please refrain from rushing anything – sex and foreplay. Women tend to take longer than men during sex, so as a guy, if you feel yourself rushing it’s going to feel ten times faster for her.

This is where asking her what she likes, communication and compliments help because it gives you a moment to slow down, relax and remind her you’re here for her as well.

If you’re about to come too early, slow down

This isn’t always possible ofc and a lot of things come into play here but if, for example, you’re having sex and you can feel it about to happen, slow down or stop for a moment. If you know you can control it don’t just carry on because it’s what you want – that’s selfish and being selfish and good in bed doesn’t exist.

A bit of stopping and starting ends up being a tease for both of you which builds the tension, often leading to better orgasms.

Mix up the positions

Both men and women know that doing one position for too long gets repetitive and you stop feeling as much. Changing up the positions mixes up angles and level of penetration – each position feels different and keeps the sex interesting.

If you’re not sure what position to do, ask her what she likes and don’t be afraid to move her around a bit – if she’s into it, take some control. Also, by mixing up positions, you’re less likely to come too early or rush it – it’s a wonderful cycle.

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