Scumbag YouTuber admits faking his girlfriend’s death for, idk, clout

Bro just get an OnlyFans if you wanna make it in 2020

A YouTuber has admitted to faking his girlfriend’s death to try and gain subscribers.

Prankster ImJayStation, real name Jason Ethier, came clean after a series of very fishy videos about his newly-but-not-actually-dead fellow YouTuber girlfriend, Alexia Marano.

Ethier, who has over five million subscribers, posted a video saying his girlfriend had died in a hit-and-run, titled “My Girlfriend Alexia Died….*Rest In Paradise*”.

“I never wanted to make a video like this ever, but last night, we lost Alexia to a drunk driver, guys,” Ethier said.

“She was on the way to pick up something for the video we were making on our second channel, Dream Team. She got hit, guys. She’s gone.”

Tragic. Next up was a video of Ethier at a memorial for Marano.

Now, people were calling it out as fake, but what it was about the all-caps “SAYING MY LAST GOODBYE TO MY GIRLFRIEND ALEXIA (REST IN PARADISE)” that gave off an air of insincerity is a mystery.

During this time, Ethier was making money off the stunt; the videos were monetised and had merch links, Dazed report.

Undeterred, the hustle continued as Ethier posted a video of him talking to Alexia with a Ouija board, titled: “Dead girlfriend Ouija board challenge at 3am!! (Gone wrong)”.

Amid people calling this out – one rival YouTuber called the police who said there was no record of Alexia Marano dying – Ethier decided to come clean.

In a very teary straight-to-camera monologue, Ethier says Marano “was in a dead end job” and so they came up with a cunning scheme to get more YouTube subscribers.

The idea was basically: “What if we fake your death and then do a skit on youtube pranking everybody saying, just to gain traction” on their joint Dream Team channel.

Tragically, he mentions a planned video to call Marano at 3am and resurrect her. We can only assume this will never see the light of day. In a nice touch, Ethier apologises to Marano’s family for the hassle.

Marano said she had broken up with Ethier and deleted her YouTube page. Apparently she’s run away and is accusing him of assault.

Ethier has deleted all the videos and is now posting new ones promising “THE TRUTH ABOUT ALEXIA MARANO”.

Fuck my actual life.

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