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This weirdo YouTuber snogged his ‘ACTUAL SISTER’ for a ‘PRANK’

Stop the YouTubers

Remember when that YouTuber cemented his head in a microwave and everyone was like "woah, what the fuck man" then he went on the news?

Remember that utter revulsion, mere months ago to weirdos on the internet doing weird things? Do you remember how it felt when things on the internet shocked you?

Well know, some dude has been snogging his sister and nobody's batted an eyelid.

One: How the fuck is this a prank?

Two (and this is the truly important question): What the FUCK? No need for a few paragraphs laying out why this, as a concept, is weird.

Just look at the way they snog. I made a 'jiff' of it.

Pedalling back a bit, the whole video is sinister. After opening with some dubstep and motion graphics, PrankInvasion Chris is all like "WHATUP INVADERS", as if he's opening a Call of Duty montage. But he's not.

He follows his sister around the house, filming her and trying to pluck up the courage to ask for a smooch. But it's okay, she's one of his two half-sisters, not his actual full sister.

Turning to his three point seven million YouTube subscribers, he says: "This is gonna be really weird but I owe you guys something big so hope you guys like it!" It's a cruel insight into the power an army of faceless strangers holds. Normal people feel they might owe someone a pint, or a couple of people an apology. PrankInvasion Chris feels so indebted to millions of internet strangers that the only solution is incest.

Then, after a game of rock paper scissors, he snogs her. She says "stop" but they both lean in and…just…go for it. Really go at it.

Maybe this is normal for Chris. His whole deal seems to just be kissing people. It's his thing, like your friend with a fringe, or the guy who makes bad jokes.

Except, even so, even with such a seasoned kisser as PrankInvasion Chris, it's hard to believe he'd kiss his sister (sorry, HALF-sister) like that.

It wouldn't be all that mad for someone to pretend to be his sister for views. And there are a few details that back up the case for the prosecution.

Conveniently, she's his half sister, so she's got a different surname.

Pictures of the pair's memories are offered up as a morsel of proof, as though a photo of them standing together is enough to convince you.

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Except then he asks her "what happened?". Which screams out

She also says: "I can't kiss my BROTHER" in exactly the way an actor would.

The case for the defence is thus: She looks uncomfortable as fuck.

In the time-honoured tradition of journalism, we contacted Chris to hold him to account. We want to speak truth to power and that includes trying to get hold of some random YouTuber's family tree.

PrankInvasion Chris insists she is his half-sister. But when we asked him for a single bit of proof – photos, a family tree, literally one of the many things you'd have to prove your connection to your family – Chris went quiet.

That's a shame, and nobody knows what to think. We'll leave you with his Instagram, which is probably the grimmest thing ever. "The Best Kisser In The World".

Stop the YouTubers. Now