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Who are the people watching YouTubers cement their heads in microwaves?

Seriously, this guy has 3 million subscribers

If you've been on the internet this morning, your mood may have been ruined after seeing a viral video of a 22-year-old man cementing his head in a microwave.

Meet Jay Swingler, one half of TGFbro YouTube duo. He's got a girlfriend, a dog, a nice house and does pranks for a living.

Yesterday, he nearly died from the expansion of the cement which started crushing his head. As well as that, the tube he was breathing out of started filling with concrete, not allowing him to breathe properly.

Now, anyone with an ounce of sanity, probably found this all utterly idiotic:

But I'm not concerned about him, seeing as he basically signed his death certificate the minute he decided to go through with this. I'm concerned for the people who keep watching YouTubers do this shit, over and over again. Because there are people actually encouraging this – the channel's three million subscribers. And I just can't. understand. why.

Call me old fashioned but this prank was a complete waste on our already heavily, overburdened emergency services. Not to mention British tax-payers paid to save this stupid man's life. Just exactly how much money is Jay going to donate to these services, which he makes from this video?

You don't need to watch Black Mirror to understand the level of social stupidity our society is currently stuck in, which is of course, amplified by social media.

But these YouTubers wouldn't be doing this, if there weren't people actively encouraging them to carry out these moronic tasks. And the worst part? The more people interact with their videos, the more people these videos will reach. And the more people their videos reach, the more they'll keep doing it.

Is it a coincidence that their new clothes collection is dropping on the same day the channel went viral for the concrete in microwave task? Probably not. It's all a clever popularity scheme built on absolute no regard for human life, and people are feeding into it.

What I really don't get is how people actually buy into this. This YouTube channel is so calculated, their entire brand is based on doing the most random bullshit "for the views." Can you imagine being so unfunny, you bury yourself in solid concrete for a night? But people are lapping it up.

One comment on the cement video reads: "Everybody giving Jay shit, but this is what TGF are about. I hope you're doing alright bro. Keep up the good work. You're mad but I love it." Another says: "Jays and romells friendship is amazing x"

But just watch this video and tell me this man isn't the single most irritating person on the planet:

And I won't be surprised to see a "backlash" video from them in a few days time, which will inevitably be a non-apology in which he will get annoyed at people for not getting the concept of his channel.

Am I living in a parallel universe to these people?! This weird and stupid sense of humour, which just involves pissing other people off, pissing the emergency services off and not being able to breathe, is just not funny. These TGFbro men-children aren't the only ones adopting this type of persona though, they're just the tip of the iceberg. Just look at videos made by YouTubers like Logan Paul and Roman Atwood, which have been watched hundreds of million times:

I know, I can't believe this is someone's day job either.

These videos are try-hard, selfish and absent of any substance. They bring nothing to the world. They're a testament to the sad, sad place YouTube has become and the sooner they're stopped, the better.