An ex-Islander has revealed the strict schedule Islanders follow every evening

It sounds so stressful

The Love Islanders look like they’re having the best group holiday ever. Hanging around in bikinis, eating toasties and talking about who they fancy. However, filming Love Island is far from chilled.

We all know a lot of Love Island is staged and the Islanders aren’t purely left to their own devices. Islanders from previous series have revealed they’re told when to sleep,what to talk about and even have to ask to go in the hot tub. Pretty strict rules.

In an interview with Capital FM, ex-Islander Eve Gale has revealed exactly what the Islanders do each evening and it sounds so stressful.

Here is the full schedule for a Love Island evening:

They have dinner, but it isn’t filmed

Dinner is the one time a day when they’re not on camera. Iain Stirling has said it would be a “nightmare” to cover the dinner scenes and therefore they don’t show them.

Eve said the first part of the Love Island evening schedule begins with dinner and in previous years all their meals have been made by caterers. Previous Islanders have said they don’t have mics during dinner but always have chaperones so they don’t have sneaky conversations.

They all ‘beach hut’

So to ‘beach hut’ is now a verb. Eve said after they eat dinner, all the Islanders have to ‘beach hut’, aka when they go into the beach hut and have a run down about how they found the day.

Eve said: “We all have dinner, and then we beach hut and everyone documents their days, and once everyone has beach-hutted it’s shower time.”

love island schedule

via ITV

They shower and share two showers between 16 of them

Ew, imagine being the last person to use the shower. And probably no hot water. Eve said there are only two showers between all the Islanders. Once they’ve ‘beach hutted’ they all rush for shower and Eve said it gets quite manic.

She said: “But there are only two showers and that’s for the boys and the girls, so it’s kind of manic. Everyone just rushes into the bedroom to get ready – sometimes it’s quite a push for time.”

Surely ITV2 could splash out for an extra shower?

The girls share clothes

Eve said the girls are all really comfortable with each other and are happy swapping clothes and bikinis. She also said she left most of her clothes at the villa when she was evicted.

She said: “All the girls are really comfortable with each other, everyone’s in the same boat. There’s so many products, I’ve left half my stuff in the villa!

“When I left I said to the girls, ‘have anything you want, have these bikinis’ and to Jess I was like, ‘take anything’. I think my suitcase was lighter coming back.”

Love Island evening

via ITV

The Islanders get to visit an I Saw It First warehouse before filming

This is honestly such a dream, can you imagine? Eve revealed before they head out to South Africa, they get to go to an I Saw It First warehouse and pick out loads of options to wear on the show.

They don’t take them and pack them, instead the brand will package them and send them directly to the villa. They also get to pick out more stuff when they’re on the show. It’s essentially have an endless wardrobe on tap.

Eve said: “Before I went in there was a massive warehouse with all these clothes. I could pick out what I wanted and what kind of styles I liked and they put it together and flew it out for me so I didn’t have to pack it in my case.

“You get deliveries as well, they come in and they ask what you want more of, what you’re liking, what styles, patterns, and then you get massive bags of clothes, shoes, jackets.

“A lot of the time I’m thinking ‘oh I like this, but is this how I want to be shown on camera?’”

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