Revealed: The degree subjects with the most private school students

Toffs everywhere ffs

Ever been in a seminar and thought everyone was from private school? Well, luckily there are stats to prove that.

Ancient Language studies, Latin studies, Scandinavian studies are all 100 per cent private school, according to new UCAS data.

Meanwhile, the fairly mainstream subjects of Theology, Human and Social Geography, and Philosophy also see private school students overrepresented, with around a quarter of students accepted onto the subjects in 2019 coming from private schools. Around seven per cent of school pupils are privately educated in the UK.

Check out the 40 subjects with the highest percentage of private school students:


The Tab analysed 2019 UCAS end-of-cycle data. At the other end of the table, social work and nursing are among the subjects with the lowest proportion of private school students.

Coincidentally, the three exclusively private school subjects are also 100 per cent white, as we revealed last week.

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