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The subjects who actually work the hardest, revealed

Weep for the medics who only managed second

To do a medicine degree is to, endlessly, transparently, feign dismay about how hard you work.

Whether squeezed into a kitchen whilst making pesto pasta, hunched in the middle seat of an Uber, or huddled in a club smoking area, the bragging never stops.

Soooooo…awkward that students of subjects "allied to" medicine work harder. Google it.

That's right. Data nerds HEPI have compiled stats on which degree works the hardest, and medics have failed to take the top spot. On a technicality, and they'd probably argue the toss, but still. Take the L.

It's pitiful at the other end of the table. Journalism and comms students only spend 22 hours a week working.

How do you compare? Find out here:

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