Queen driving memes

These 26 memes about the Queen driving will keep your mind off Megxit

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

In amongst the chaos of Megxit, the Queen went out for a quick drive. She was spotted driving a Range Rover, reportedly without a seatbelt on, wearing a dog print head scarf and was filmed staring at the press as she drove by them. And it’s created loads of great memes.

Her outing came a few days after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were stepping back from their royal duties. The pair had not told the Queen of their plans and it was reported she found out mere moments before the decision was announced and followed the coverage on the news.

In their statement the couple said they would still support the Queen, however the Queen is apparently disappointed and sad about their decision. Today Prince Harry is having a sit down meeting with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William to discuss his and Meghan’s future.

The Queen’s drive was her first appearance since the announcement and her stony face and hard stare is telling of her feelings towards the whole situation. Naturally Twitter is more interested in learning the Queen can actually drive and WITHOUT a seat belt than about Megxit.

Here are the best memes reacting to Liz getting behind the wheel:

1. Yes. Yes it is.

2. Such a TUNE

3. On the lookout for exiting Royals


5. LOL


7. Sexist

8. No nuggets for Liz

9. Obvious yet brilliant

10. This is why she’s Queen

11. Just imagine it

12. Literally don’t have one

13. Off with his head

14. A true assassin

15. Isn’t she in Top Boy?

16. Buckingham Palace is a top secret location tbf

17. Can you pass me the aux?


19. She will live forever

20. The only two things worth mentioning

21. This user really out here trying to get the Queen arrested

22. I can save 20p though

23. Special force agent Liz

24. People on Twitter are the best

25. The crown is 100 per cent accurate

26. Triggered.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News THOR/ Creative Commons Licence

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