Netflix has just released the first full trailer for You season two

Hold me I can’t breath

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Everyone stay calm, but the You season two trailer has just been released by Netflix.

It shows Joe walking into a coffee shop and creepily observing what everyone is doing, in his weird Joe way. He’s moved to LA to start his new life, and when he gets to the counter to order it becomes clear he really has started a fresh. The barista asks for his name for the order and he replies: “Yeah, I’m Will.”

Watch the trailer and try not to get chills.

You season two trailer:

Last month, Netflix confirmed the release date for You season two. The show will be returning on Boxing Day (December 26th). Netflix confirmed the news by posting a brand new poster for the thriller drama with “meet your match” written across it. The brand new poster also features Victoria Pedretti as Love.

Then a day later Netflix blessed us even further with a teaser video for the new episodes. The teaser trailer is 14 seconds long, and shows a montage of some of the characters.

They’ve also been teasing us with countless preview pictures on the Twitter page for the show.

Season two of You on Netflix follows Joe as he moves to Hollywood. He has an all new obsession in the form of aspiring chef Love Quinn. Penn Badgley has described some of the scenes in season two as “nauseating” and made it sound as though he’s creepier than ever in the new episodes.

Tbh I can’t take this wait any longer.

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