There’s a theory that Beck from Netflix’s You is actually still alive!!


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One of the many masterpieces that has graced Netflix in the past few months is the ten episode drama, You. One of the biggest moments in You came in episode ten, with the tragic death of main character Beck. BUT, now there's a theory that Beck from You is still alive!!!

The show is set in New York, and the story follows Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) as a sort of more deranged version of Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. He's obsessed with Beck, a young blonde (shocker!!), and his obsession escalates from zero to a hundred pretty quickly. And at the end of season one, he kills her. But this small detail from the season finale might prove Beck didn't meet such a fate.

Beck from You on Netflix, played by Elizabeth Lail

So, is Beck from You still alive?

The season one finale suggests Joe has murdered Beck, after she tried to escape from a creepy glass box in the basement of his bookstore. But, we never actually see Beck's body, just an anonymous body bag. And her death isn't shown on screen either. Yes, Joe does manage to sell Beck's book to a publisher, and people do celebrate it as though she has died, but is this any real proof? Let's take a second to consider some of the plot lines and the main story of You, it's not exactly straight and narrow is it? Anything could realistically happen.

Okay yes that's not much to go by, but this is where it gets interesting. There's a tiny detail from the last episode that might suggest Beck is in fact alive.

Joe Goldberg and Beck from You on Netflix

Joe says he "would never hurt someone I love", and he might not actually be lying. We don't even know for sure that Joe killed Candace. As pointed out by What Culture, the body uncovered near Dr. Nicky’s house could have actually been Ron. And Joe could've made it look like Benji's by planting the jar of teeth there, along with his creepy box of mementos.

He also could've edited Beck's story a little, especially as Beck claimed to have written "everything", yet her other friends wondered if Dr. Nicky killed Peach too.

Fans on Reddit have also gone into meltdown thinking Beck is alive. One fan says they believe Joe when he says he wouldn't hurt someone he loves. They said: "I realise that Joe is not the most reliable narrator, but everything he does, from his point of view, is rationalised. This statement in particular shows he almost plays by a certain set of 'rules' if you will, the most important being don’t hurt the people he loves. I believe we can believe Joe when he says this because he:

"Protects Paco, even to the point of murdering Ron AND even after Ron beat the shit out of Joe, which was Pac’s fault.

"Cares for Mooney, even after the extensive abuse. We know Joe was consistently in an out of the cage because of his comment, "when you’re in and out of the cage enough, you learn to hide a key." If he was often in and out, why wouldn't he just hurt Mooney and escape? A plausible answer would be that he loved Mooney despite the abuse, perhaps because Mooney took Joe in at a time when he had endured quite a bit of hardship. The scene where Beck and Joe visit Mooney absolves them of any hatred, by the way Mooney reacts (thumbs up). The abused loving their abusers is a common theme in the show.

"He didn’t murder Candace. We’re lead to believe that she died throughout the show, but the ending scene shows she is alive. People argue that she is a hallucination, but there is a person in the book store that sees her walking. A tiny, but VERY important detail. This is a key differentiator from the previous scenes where Candace really is a figment of his imagination. Her Instagram is also proof of her being alive, idk but it'd be pretty hard to constantly photoshop Candace living life in Italy."

Yes Beck did die in the books, but how many times do TV shows adapt books for added drama? And what would add more drama than this?! This would lead us to believe that Beck is in fact still locked up, probably for Joe's pleasure.

Season one was named as the "horror-version of your favourite rom-coms" and "the creepiest show ever" – it was received so well that Netflix soon dropped Dirty John, which was called the "real life" version of You. I guess we'll have to wait for You season two to confirm Beck's fate, but it would be the ultimate plot twist – and tbh, I'm here for it.

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