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Meet Rafferty Law: Jude Law’s lookalike son who’s dating Rita Ora

He looks a loooooot like his dad

Imagine Jude Law but he’s 23 again. And he’s allegedly dating Rita Ora. And his sister is Iris Law. Well, you’ve got Rafferty Law.

That’s probably sparked your interest, hasn’t it?

But who is Raff Law? Meet the 23-year-old starlet:

Rafferty Law is the son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost

Not to labour a point, but they really do look identical. He’s one of three Law/Frost kids, along with brother Rudy and sister Iris.

Raff, for short, sings and plays guitar in a band

Damon Albarn’s son is the drummer in their band, Outer Stella Overdrive.

Raff’s been in that scene from an early age, and did a bit of work experience for Blur as a teenager. “I did work experience for Blur for two weeks when they were rehearsing for their reunion gig because Damon Albarn is really good friends with my dad. I tuned their guitars and stuff,” he told ES Magazine

Rafferty Law is also an actor, and will be starring as Oliver Twist on TV next year

This actually sounds quite weird: A “street” Sky remake of Oliver Twist with Rita Ora as the Artful Dodger, Michael Caine as Fagin, and Raff as Oliver.

It’s been filming in Bethnal Green, and Raff revealed that he took up boxing and parkour to get in shape.

He’s dating Rita Ora after thing “hotted up between scenes”

Raffy and Rita have been dating for a few weeks, according to The Sun. They were spotted holding hands after the British Fashion Awards this week.

Going by this Insta comment, there might be something in it.

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And this one, on another post:

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A source tells The Sun: “People made a few comments about the chemistry straight away and the gossip started from there. But it was only after a while that the attraction really grew into something meaningful between them.”

Raff is one of Tatler’s 50 most eligible bachelors in the UK for 2019

I mean, they’re not wrong.

He featured in the list alongside Brooklyn Beckham, Ovie Soko, and a load of lords. Sadly, Tatler only made him number 14.

Unsurprisingly, he’s modelled for DKNY, D&G, Timberland and Dior

Not a bad vibe, that.

Aside from his talents, Rafferty Law is a vegetarian and loves animals

As evidenced by this anti-Canada Goose ad.

He is also covered in tattoos

From what we can figure out, Raff has the following tattoos: A bird on the back of his left hand; a lightning bolt and percentage sign on his forearms; nine (IX) in Roman numerals, SHO crossed out with a red line; some “Salvador Dali men”.

Mum wasn’t too happy: “She wasn’t actually too cross the first time, but I think it’s when you start getting quite a few, she’s like, ‘Urgh, not again’,” told the Evening Standard

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