Meet the UK’s 50 most eligible bachelors of 2019, according to Tatler

Guess I’ll be marrying into money then

The British upper classes have a lot to answer for. But this collection of incredibly eligible men could be the start of those reparations.

Posho mag Tatler have compiled a bumper list of the UK’s 50 most eligible bachelors, full of minor royals, dukes, earls, and sons of musicians

Half of them sound like pubs, but all are a vibe in one way or another.

The full list is in Tatler’s December 2019 issue. Check them out:

50. Aristide Faggionato

Instagram: @aristidefaggionato (private)

Age: 26

A made up name you would give if you were on the run and reserving a posh hotel, but nonetheless, a vibe. Aristide works in private equity but still loves to play polo.

49. Charlie Green

Age: 38

“Widely considered to be one of the best-looking men of his generation”” is what Tatler say and we’ll leave it at that.

48. Lando Norris

Instagram: @landonorris

Age: 20

He’s a Formula One driver, his dad is worth £200 million, and to top it all off Lando Norris has an absolute baby face. Do you need any more reason?”

47. Arthur Donald

Instagram: @

Age: 20

Paul McCartney’s grandson goes to Yale and was rumoured to be dating Reese Witherspoon’s daughter.

46. Josh O’Connor

Instagram: @joshographee

Age: 29

Josh is playing Prince Charles in the new series of the Crown, and is frankly too arty for his own good.

45. Jamie Redknapp

Instagram: @jamie.redknapp

Age: 46

Ex-footballer Jamie has actually managed to finesse his way into high society. Not just a TV star nowadays, he hangs out with the poshest of the posh at Ascot and at Chelsea clubs.

44. Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne

Age: 33

Sam Bowes-Lyon owns shitloads of land in Scotland and is a descendant of the Queen Mother.

43. Lord Porchester

Age: 27

Not Porchie from The Crown who the Queen definitely doesn’t have an affair with. His family home is literally Downton Abbey.

42. Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece

Instagram: @alexiosgreece

Age: 20

With a name that’s hard to say without ending “at your service”, this member of the Greek royal family looks a bit like a young Prince Philip, only with floppier hair.

41. Rocco Ritchie

Age: 19

Parents: Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Vibe: Somewhere almost exactly between the two.

40. Lord Fred Wellesley

Age: 27

Tatler say he has a “rippling physique” and you’ll have to take their word for that.

39. Ovie Soko

Instagram: @oviesoko

Age: 28

Oh he is so so eligible and it’s all India’s loss. Just a reminder that he’s six foot seven.

38. Caspar von Bismarck

Age: 27

Yes, von Bismarck as in Bismarck the old German dude, who famously said “politics is the art of the possible”. Is it possible you’ll be linking up with posho documentary maker Caspar?

37. Sam Guinness

Instagram: @sam_guinness (private)

Age: 24

Mop-haired cheese maker with a chiseled jaw. And blessed are the cheese makers.

36. Matthew Freud

Instagram: @matthewfreud (private)

Age: 56

Tatler call him “London’s undisputed king of parties”. He’s 56, but he runs a PR firm and is the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud.

35. Orson Fry

Instagram: @orsonfry (private)

Age: 23

Sings in a band and has perfectly floppy hair.

34. Marquess of Granby

Instagram: @charlesgranby (private)

Age: 20

Newcastle grad Charles Manners, aka the Marquess of Granby, is often seen looking exceptionally posh with sisters Alice and Eliza.

33. The Hon Perry Pearson

Age: 27

An incredibly polo man who looks like a cross between Robert Pattinson and Jack Whitehall. Take our word for it.

32. Tommy Fury

Instagram: @tommytntfury

Age: 20

Why’s he on an eligible bachelor list?

31. James Brown

Age: 50

He’s an editor at Tatler, yet couldn’t convince them to put him higher than 31 in the list. Mates with Kate Moss though.

30. Lennon Gallagher

Instagram: @lennongallagher (133k followers, no posts)

Age: 20

Obviously Beatles obsessive Liam Gallagher called his son Lennon.

29. Milo Astaire

Instagram: @miloastaire (private)

Age: 26

Sting was the best man at his Dad’s wedding and young Milo is very Into Art.

28. Cassie Bilton

Instagram: @cassianbilton

Age: 24

Cassian’s an Oxford grad AND a Shakespearean actor. It’s a good combo.

27. Lord Downpatrick

Age: 30

To start our trio of not-made-up names, we have Lord Downpatrick and his designer beard.

26. Earl of March and Kinrara

Age: 24

The Earl of March and Kinrarararara loves going to Burning Man and having a ponytail. Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox could be your vibe.

25. Viscount Althorp

Instagram: @louis_spencer94 – not sure if this is real as it literally has “Viscount of Althorp” in the bio, which is obscenely extra

Age: 25

I could have made this up as a generic posh name, but no, he’s real. Spotted at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Louis Spencer is the Edinburgh grad you really want to snap up.

24. John Boyega

Instagram: @johnboyega

Age: 27

John Boyega, of Star Wars fame, doesn’t drink. There’s a fun fact.

23. Lord Stanley

Age: 21

Apparently this dude is really into horse racing. Like, really. Could pass for a pub, though.

22. The Duke of Westminster

Instagram: @Now now

Age: 28

There is nobody else on the planet under 30 who is richer than Hugh, the Duke of Westminster.

21. Prince Kyril of Bulgaria

Instagram: @Come on

Age: 55

What a name. He’s a 55-year-old divorcee with strong supervillain vibes.

20. Tom Holland

Instagram: @tomholland2013

Age: 23

Yes, it’s Spiderman. He is going to age very well.

19. Charles Cooney

Instagram: @charles_cooney

Age: 20

One of the best polo players around, with a name to match.

18. Gabriel Jagger

Instagram: @gabriel_jagger

Age: 21

Gabriel is Mick Jagger’s son. Tatler say he’s an “ex-model”, but I’m glad to confirm he’s still fit.

17. Oli Green

Instagram: @ooroosgreen

Age: 23

Oli Green is a Burberry model who could ruin your life, but you’ll take the chance.

16. Archie Keswick

Age: 39

Tatler describe 39-year-old Archie as “a demon on the tennis court and loves house music”.

15. Alexander Ogilvy

Instagram: @brogilvy (private)

Age: 23

His Instagram is private but his LinkedIn is not, which really tells you all you need to know about the 23-year-old minor royal and his jawline.

14. Rafferty Law

Instagram: @rafflaw

Age: 23

Looks like his dad, Jude Law, but if Jude Law was 23 again and a bit edgy. I repeat, we have a sad boy Jude Law on our hands.

13. The Hon Charlie Cadogan

Age: 20

His dad’s a billionaire, and Charlie got done for speeding to his family’s estate last year.

12. Evgeny Lebedev

Instagram: @mrevgenylebedev

Age: 39

Do you like minted Russians who own newspapers? Evgeny’s your guy.

11. Jimmy Fox

Instagram: @jimmyluxfox

Age: 20

Model and great grandson of Sigmund Freud, if you fancy marrying into one of the weirder dynasties.

10. The Duke of Roxburgh

Age: 38

Real name Charles Innes-Ker, he’s got a castle and a £100m fortune. But if you want him to seem relatable, as a Newcastle student he was once caught riding the Metro without a £1 ticket.

9. Matt Healy

Instagram: @trumanblack

Age: 30

Sure, he makes music for people who cry after sex, but Matt Healy is a dreamboat.

8. Umar Kamani

Instagram: @umarkamani

Age: 31

Umar is the CEO and founder of PrettyLittleThing. He’ll probably sort you out with your own discount code.

7. Jofra Archer

Instagram: @jofraarcher

Age: 24

Jofra Archer had a big summer – getting called up to the England team and walking out as a world champion after bowling a tense super over. With nerves like that, I’m sure he can handle your bullshit.

6. Paul Henkel

Instagram: @paulhoratiohenkel

Age: 23

Art dealer Paul graduated from NYU this summer, and his Dad’s a billionaire. He says his favourite ring is “” two crab claws clasping a moonstone”” but don’t let that put you off.

5. Maro Itoje

Instagram: @maroitoje

Age: 25

The 25-year-old SOAS grad didn’t win the Rugby World Cup with England, but he could win your heart.

4. Harry Styles

Instagram: @harrystyles

Age: 25

It’s Harry Styles. Please name a box he doesn’t tick.

3. The Hon Vere Harmsworth

Instagram: @vharmsworth (private)

Age: 24

Image may contain: Vegetation, Bush, Plant, Text, Plot, Word, Human, Person

24 year old Oxford grad and captain of the Eton polo team. I imagine you won’t catch him in a Spoons.

2. Viscount Emlyn

Instagram: Not that we know of

Age: 21

The 21-year-old future Earl of Cawdor, real name James Chester Campbell, models for Holland & Holland. They’re the kind of brand where people comment “I hope that’s real fur” under their pictures on Instagram.

1. Brooklyn Beckham

Instagram: @brooklynbeckham

Age: 20

I mean, he’s David Beckham’s son. He’s currently busy being linked to every single person imaginable, so maybe wait a bit. You know he’ll get better with age.

Good luck.

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