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Revealed: The private schools which get the most kids into Oxbridge

Social mobility? I don’t know her

If you'd spent nearly a hundred grand trying to buy your kid a better future than parents who can't afford it, it'd be pretty galling if that school didn't get them into Oxbridge.

This is a measure so important that Tatler made it one of the key ways to assess a private school in their Schools Guide 2020.

The poshos' magazine of choice has compiled their annual bumper list of the country's top private schools and worked out how many Oxbridge places each secured in 2018.

At the top of the table is Westminster School, who get half of their leavers into Oxbridge. As the school which produced Nick Clegg and Mika, they've got the same hit rate on their alumni.

Alongside the 62 leavers last year who went to Oxbridge, a further 15 went to top American unis. You're really getting your money's worth on £13,084 a term boarding fees.

Coming in below are Eton and Wycombe Abbey, who get one in three students to Oxbridge. Rivals Harrow don't get a look in near the top of the table – only 7 per cent of students go on to Oxbridge.

City of London School, St Paul's Girls' School, and Winchester College look positively negligent by comparison, getting only 32 per cent of their leavers into Oxbridge.

Check out the full table below:

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