Can you believe? Queer Eye’s Karamo says the show could be heading to the UK

Oh and they’re going to solve Brexit too

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown has said there's potential for the show to come to the UK.

Speaking to Sky News at The E! People's Choice Awards, Karamo was asked his thoughts on bringing the award winning show to UK soil. He said: "Oh my gosh, we'd love to come to the UK. Tan France, our Tanny, is from the UK and we go there with him to visit and we're like, we want to spend a couple of months there. So can we start a petition right now?"

We will sign our names to that petition in a heartbeat.

The chance to see Tan making women over in Topshop and Antoni learning about local cultural delicacies in a pie and mash cafe? Yes please.

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However Karamo also thinks that us Brits are pretty stylish on our own. He said: "I think Brits are some of the most fashionable and most charismatic and amazing people in the world."

Although he did also say "everyone in every place needs a little help so we'll find some Brits who need help – but the majority of you don't."

As if these boys don't do enough for us already, Brown also thinks The Fab Five could advise on our current political disaster.

When asked if they could help with Brexit, Karamo told Sky News: "I'll try. That would be great – Queer Eye in parliament, and solve Brexit. There you go, that's an exclusive."

Karamo is one of the members of the Fab Five, along with Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France and Bobby Berk.

The makeover show with a difference, Queer Eye focuses on transforming men's life starting from the inside out as well as focusing on fashion, food, interiors and grooming.

After the initial success of the first season in 2018, the show has gone on to a further three seasons, focusing on women as well as men.

The show is so popular that it has spawned a spin-off season, seeing the Fab Five travelling to Japan and doing their award winning transformations there.

Now if we could get that petition started that would be great.

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