Boomtown Fair is still on despite festival cancellations

Don’t worry!!!!

Both Boardmasters festival and Houghton festival have been cancelled last minute due to severe weather conditions. But is Boomtown Fair 2019 cancelled? Of course not, the festival is still going ahead as normal. Phew.

Boomtown 2019 kicked off yesterday and draws to a close on Sunday. It is being held at the Matterley Estate in Hampshire, which is part of the South Downs National Park in Winchester. And, there are still tickets available!!!

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No need to chuck out your rainbow trousers just yet

Boomtown Fair told The Tab they have prepared for the extreme weather and would only cancel if they believed the safety of attendees was at risk. They said: "As per every year, we have robust planning measures in place covering the vast amount of variables that must be considered when running a major event. This includes extensive procedures to prepare for extreme weather conditions.

"Our experienced team have been constantly monitoring the weather forecast, and using our equipment onsite to aid us with monitoring the current weather conditions to enable us to increase our wet and windy weather procedures as soon as they are required.

"Public safety is the absolute priority so we will be working through our severe weather plans to prepare for the predicted weather on Friday, and if it comes to it, evacuation or cancellation would be considered to ensure the safety of those in attendance."

Yesterday it was announced that Boardmasters festival was cancelled just seven hours before it was due to start. And this morning it was also confirmed Houghton festival would not be taking place this year. Houghton was due to start today. Both festivals were cancelled due to severe weather conditions in the area.

The weather in Winchester doesn't look great for the next few days, but the festival is still going ahead. There's rain and wind predicted over the next few days, and potentially some storms tonight (Thursday).

The Boomtown festival organisers are still active on the event's social media pages, so as it stands the event is going ahead as normal.

The Twitter page has put out a warning for high winds, but as a precaution for people still coming to the festival. It read: "Hey campers! ⛺ GAZEBO WARNING! There are high winds predicted over the next couple of days; if you have a gazebo or windbreak please take it down today. Anyone yet to arrive, please do not bring one with you. Big love xx".

So if you had a Boardmasters or a Houghton ticket and you are absolutely devastated, all is not lost. There's always Boomtown.

There are still some tickets available too, you can get one here. Four day tickets are still available for £250.

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