The most hilariously tragic memes about Boardmasters getting cancelled

You really do hate to see it x

Last night Boardmasters organisers announced the festival was cancelled due to severe weather conditions, just seven hours before the festival was supposed to start.

This sent ticket holders into meltdown and their responses made for some pretty amazing memes. Some were livid because they had travelled hundreds of miles to Newquay, a few had booked precious time off work and some just wanted to flog the forty Pot Noodles they were stuck with.

If you want to see a very salty but hilarious group of people make a shit situation jokes, look no further.

We've compiled all the best tweets, Facebook comments and Insta responses from everyone who got fucked over:

1. Please someone take these Pot Noodles off my hands

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2. Boardmasters is a big flake

3. DiscoBoy has got us covered

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I don't know who DiscoBoy is or how he's verified, but I trust him.

4. People went through a lot to get those tickets

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5. Some people had travelled really far

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6. Like, really far

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7. Those pics of your tickets you posted on Insta are just sad now

8. Let's go to the zoo-oo, let's go get away

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9. Richard Harrison doesn't care about your damn festival

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10. Mum, Dad, I don't need that lift anymore

11. Some people are willing to risk their lives for this festival

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The show must go on!

12. It got… kinda threatening?

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Such a specific type of pole? What does Nicole know that we don't?

13. Who needs 40 pot noodles when you have three floral shirts

14. Say it ain't so

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15. All that festival prep for nothing

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16. When in doubt: Boomtown

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Swapping Boardies for Boomtown would be like when people get their plane tickets surprise upgraded to first class. Let's pray for this guy.

17. Just trying to make a bit of honest money

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18. Only 90s kids will remember

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19. Let it out mate, let it out

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20. My tooth aches reading this comment

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21. Can't exactly get ket refunded, can you

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22. Let's see them aliens

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If you don't understand what this is a reference to, it's about raiding Area 51. We love it when memes past and present come together.

23. Not sus at all

24. You can find light in the darkest of times

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