These reactions to Houghton festival being cancelled will make your day

Son’s crying now, cheers

Houghton Festival was cancelled this morning, the day it was supposed to start. The festival was called off because of severe weather conditions forecasted by the Met Office, including 40mph winds and thunderstorms.

Just yesterday Boardmasters festival in Newquay was cancelled for the very same reason, prompting some hilarious responses from livid festival goers.

The Houghton festival crowd are no less savage. Some of the responses to the extremely last minute announcements are golden, and we've cherry picked the best of the best for your enjoyment:

1. Some people just didn't want to believe it

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2. Some were looking for alternatives

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3. You can smell the desperation in this comment

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4. 40mph is NOTHING

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5. All those beers and drugs purchased have gotta go somewhere

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6. People even created a 'Storm Houghton' event

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The existence of this event is only made funnier by the fact that Houghton has been shut down due to a severe storm.

Also, if you don't get the reference: it's based on the Facebook event where everyone arranged to storm Area 51 to "see them aliens".

7. This poor organisation seems awfully familiar

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8. Nice try mate

9. Of course someone commented this

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10. The resilience is impressive

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11. Mate, peak times

12. I like your energy

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13. The drug dealers have been severely affected

14. Who's gonna tell him

15. Don't worry guys, Mark's got us sorted

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16. Are they serious

17. I don't need this!!

18. Big mood

19. Pls we just wanna boogie

20. Some people travelled really far for this, guys

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The worst part is this exact comment featured on the Boardmasters cancellation Facebook post but posted by someone else. Stop thief!

22. We will stop at NOTHING

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23. If all else fails: Boomtown

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