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Instagram is hiring a ‘meme manager’ so where can I apply

No, seriously!

Do you you spend your day taking sneaky snoops at memes? Are you fluent in the language of the internet? Then wipe off that dusty CV because Instagram might just have the job for you.

Instagram is creating a "Strategic Partnerships Manager" position, which sounds like a run-of-the-mill marketing job, but the role is to help meme accounts keep growing and thriving.

The announcement of this new "meme manager" comes after a controversial move by Instagram to delete hundreds of meme accounts without warning with some of those accounts having over one million followers and many young creators losing their means of income overnight.

Instagram released a statement which claimed the deleted accounts having violated intellectual property and copyright laws. The statement caused a lot of backlash in the creator community as some argued that memes are not entirely original by nature.

Instagram's Head of News and Publishing Partnerships, Lila King, said any contender for the job will have to be "a unicorn" who is "equally fluent in the language of memes and the business of digital publishing".

Instagram will hope that the creation of the position will begin the process of making amends with creators of meme accounts and encourage the accounts to grow to prevent Instagram becoming overrun with #sponcon posts.

The position hasn't been released officially yet but we'll be polishing off our meme knowledge until it does. The comp for this dream job is going to be fierce.

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