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These are the degrees that will officially get you a job after uni, hooray!

If your degree isn’t on this list everything’s still going to be okay…probably

There's only one thing scarier than thinking about how deep you are into your overdraft, and that's contemplating your job prospects after uni.

Most students worry about whether they're going to get a job, but some should worry more than others, as new data reveals just how likely you are to end up in employment depending on which degree you chose to study. Fair to say if you're degree is listed below you're going to be okay.

It probably won't come as a surprise that Medicine and Dentistry top the table, with 99 per cent of all grads finding a job within six months of leaving uni. Education students are in fifth place, with 90 per cent of students going on to find a job within half a year compared with only 74 per cent of Law graduates.

Below, you can find the top 10 most employable degrees in the UK, based on stats provided by Fresh Student Living of the 14 million graduates who entered the job market in 2017.

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Don't be disheartened if your degree wasn't on that list, would you really trade a job for the best three years doing colouring in for your Geography degree!