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You can now get paid to stalk people on social media

I have finally found my calling!

Social media stalking is a skill any self-respecting jealous lover has acquired. We can find someone's sister's ex's new girlfriend in a jiffy, with only a first name at our disposal.

Now, you can do this as a proper, professional job.

This is all thanks to Andy Bartram, who uses FBI style online searching to help people find out more about their potential dates, with his company Vet Your Date.

The private investigation agency help singles from being led on by fake profiles or scammers on dating apps.

The agency do a pre-date search for users' Tinder and Bumble matches – which costs each user £20.

If nothing comes of the search, the client might not be charged.

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Andy said: "I have used the techniques they use to catch the catfish where they take what is publicly available on the internet and get more information about it.

"We live in a new swipe left swipe right culture where people don't necessarily know who they are meeting or who they are talking to and others exploit that.

"Online dating has come a long way but you don't get to see that body language and those instincts when you meet in person."

I could totally do this. ?