These people got back together with their exes and it actually worked out

‘We’ve both grown up so much’

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“Don’t text them” is the classic thing you’ll hear from your friends if you’re still hung up on your ex. A long time may have passed but you can’t seem to get your ex out of your head. You keep asking: How can I get back together with my ex? Why do they keep watching my Instagram stories? Why can’t I stop stalking them on social media? You may think it’s all over and there’s no chance of you ever getting back together, but believe it or not, there are getting back together with ex success stories.

Getting back together with ex success stories are very rare, but we spoke to people who did it. They told us their getting back together with ex success stories, proving it doesn’t always end in tears.

Jen, 21, Cambridge

Originally together for two years. Split up for six months. Back together, so far, for a year and a half.

“We split up because he didn’t want to commit to a long distance relationship while being at uni, it was so tough going to uni single after being with someone constantly for two years.

“But six months into uni he messaged me asking me to take him back.

“He said he missed me and after a while he managed to remind me how good things were when we were together and now we’re better than I ever thought we could be.”

Morgan, 20, Nottingham

Originally together for a year and a half. Split up for three years. Back together, so far, for four months.

“We broke up when things got tense because I was moving away and we both knew deep down it wasn’t going to work, or it would have been super hard, but we stayed together to see if we could actually make it work.

“But then, eventually when I moved away it caused unnecessary arguments and and neither of us wanted to attempt a “long distance relationship. So we both agreed to end it, and for three whole years we had no contact at all.

“But then he liked my picture last November and that came as a massive shock as for three years we had had no contact, nothing. So I bit the bullet and liked his next Instagram and after a couple more like exchanges, he literally slid in my DM’s (as cringe as that sounds).

“We started chatting again (I said to myself only as friends) and by this point, I had moved home and things got way too deep and it just felt right so we both went with it and four months in we’re doing OK.”

Natalie, 20, Surrey

Originally together for five months. Split up for two years. Back together, so far, for 10 months.

“I ended my then relationship to be with him because I was naive. It didn’t work because we were young and he didn’t want a relationship.

“I thought that would be fine and that we would be able to keep it strictly platonic. I kept him on Snapchat and stuff and then last year, he’d message me like every month and I would joke about it.

“But then, he asked for my number again. We started texting and meeting up and it took us MONTHS to get back together officially. We’re not fully official and have been for 10 months.”

Ella, 19, Essex

Originally together for two years. Split up for four months. Back together, so far, for a year and half.

“We were together for quite a while but then my dad passed away and we started arguing and we both knew it wasn’t good for one another so we split for about four months.”

“I messaged him one day purely because I missed him and we had ended on quite bad terms, and I realised how much I loved him. We basically agreed to meet up & we went bowling and sort of got back together after that!”

“I think it’s working now because we have both grown up a bit & realised how much we love each other. I’d deffo say we’re better than ever and now we live together it really is so nice.”

Katelin, 20, Glasgow

Originally together for a year. Split up for a year. Back together, so far, for over three years.

“We starting going out when we were 14 but split up because he didn’t want a girlfriend (I was young too so I totally get it!)

“In the meantime we spoke as friends but nothing more and then it eventually became did turn into something and now we’ve both grown up. It feels so much better and we’re really happy.”

Rachel, 21, Stoke-on-Trent

Originally together for two years. Split up for six months. Back together, so far, for a year.

“We were together for two years, we both moved away to different unis and the communication between us when we moved was so poor. We would only really text or Snapchat and so we weren’t really having proper conversations anymore.

“Both of us knew we couldn’t justify it and we ended it which was so the right decision at the time. When we would come home, we would bump into each other and after enough time, it wasn’t as sore so we could just hang out again.

“We realised we really missed each other and if we were to try again it would have to be so different. We’ve been back together for a year now and after struggling to find the balance of both uni and us putting in more effort it has worked out.”

Yasmeen, 23, London

Originally together for six months. Split up for three months. Back together for two more years.

“I was 17 at the time and he was my boyfriend at sixth form. We were together for an intense six months but I really, really fell for him. Then he broke up with me and I got really depressed. Was so desperate to get him back. Got with his best friend. The whole messy break up shebang happened.

“But then I just accepted it, worked on myself over the Christmas break, met loads of new people and tried to move on. Completely randomly bumped into him at a party and we just hit it off again. It was nice to catch up and we both knew we wanted to see each other again.

“We stayed together for another two years but the relationship really ran its course towards the end of it and I ended up breaking it off. We’re on good terms now though. It all worked out in the end.”

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