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These 21 memes sum up how everyone is feeling about Game Of Thrones right now

One billion people watched the season eight premiere!!!

Game of Thrones is back. The first episode of season eight aired last night and it's caused global hysteria. Twitter is in meltdown, all the critics are out in full force and non Game of Thrones fans don't know what to do with themselves. But was the wait for the new season worth it? What are people saying about the new Game of Thrones? Here are the best Game of Thrones reactions on the internet right now:

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Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones reactions and memes from Twitter:

*WARNING: There are spoilers ahead*

1. Firstly, it was SO worth the wait

2. Bran's perception of time left a lot of people confused


4. When Sam realised his entire family have been murdered. Cool.

5. Seriously though, why was Bran popping up everywhere like this meme?????

6. Sansa Stark may actually be the smartest person in her family tho


8. Honestly give the guy the gap year he deserves

9. When you realise you've been messing around with your aunt this entire time

10. And anutha one

11. "Call me Ned Stark because I'm dead"

12. Samwell Tarly is a character none of us really deserve

13. I didn't know the friend zone was this deep x

14. Listen, she really wanted that elephant

15. When a Queen wants some, she gets some

16. You sit on a throne of LIES

17. Omg Sansa the dead are nearly at your door!!!

18. Just who do you think I am?

19. A true queen knows her worth

20. Cersei is the worst, THE WORST

21. At least you can't hear the prawns screaming

Here's what the critics had to say about season eight, episode one:

Game of Thrones reactions aren't all just from your sofa critics, some actual TV critics have been reviewing it too.

The Guardian has said season 8, episode 1 is a "thrilling start, with reunions we’ve waited years for and a shocking new kill list." The Guardian review said: "This was a thrilling episode with its pedal to the floor, in which new alliances were made, old ones tested and long-awaited reunions occurred."

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In a review from The Sun, it says: "Fans will not be disappointed by the hotly anticipated opener to the eighth and last series – but just how the show's bosses will tie up the epic tale in just six episodes is baffling.

"The opener was surprisingly comedic – with deadpan gags littered throughout the episode. But as with previous series, it’s the darkness not the light that will have even the most avid viewer on the edge of their seat. The second half of the episode in particular had several hold your breath moments." The Sun rated the episode a 4/5.

There is a Game of Thrones spoiler free review on The Telegraph. It says Winterfell "dives headlong into the action."

"The gruesome Lannister-Greyjoy coupling helps crank up the sex quota in an episode otherwise struggling to reach anything like the show’s previous levels of fornication and death." The Telegraph also rates the episode a 4/5.

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What were the viewing figures last night?

One billion people watched the season eight premiere. A whole billion!!! So yeah, Game of Thrones is a pretty big deal.

How many Game of Thrones episodes are there in total?

There have been 67 Game of Thrones episodes in total, and recapping on them all is going to be a tough job for anyone. So imagine doing all that and then not joining in on all the Game of Thrones reactions, memes and wild social media posting? Such a waste of time.

Who stars in the Game of Thrones and when was it first released?

The show has been around since 2011, and has made previously unknown actors such as Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, household names.

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