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Oh my God! We might be getting an Abducted in Plain Sight SEQUEL

I’m not over the first one yet?!

Abducted in Plain Sight is the Netflix documentary that has had us all screaming at our screens every two minutes. And now, you should probably prepare to do it all over again – because we might be getting an Abducted in Plain Sight sequel!!

The first documentary is an hour and a half long, and follows the story of Jan Broberg. Jan was kidnapped from her Idaho home when she was 12 years old by a family friend, Robert Berchtold. Berchtold, known to the family as "B" brainwashed Jan and her family, and was able to kidnap Jan not once, but twice, and sexually abuse her. But it looks like the story might not be over yet, the show has been a hit with Netflix viewers and the creator has hinted at an Abducted in Plain Sight sequel.

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Here is everything we know about the Abducted in Plain Sight sequel:

The director of the Netflix true crime documentary, Sky Borgman, has said in an interview that she IS working on a sequel. She would like there to be a second documentary so more details of the story can be explored. She said she would love to "explore the different topics that we didn't have time to really dive deep into, like the role that faith plays.

"Also grooming and brainwashing – there are really interesting, intricate things that happen and we touch on both of those topics in the documentary, but I'd love to explore those more. I guess in a perfect world, it'd be a sort of trilogy of films."

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What could happen in an Abducted in Plain Sight sequel?

There was a notable lack of representation of Robert Berchtold's family in the first episode, as many of them didn't want to take part in the doc. The only member of B's family that was part of the documentary was his brother, who said he took part because he felt he had to represent his brother. So a second doc could look into that side of the story more, and how Robert Berchtold's family felt.

Sky Borgman also revealed there were scenes that didn't quite make the cut of the first documentary. This includes a scene where Jan Broberg's mother, Mary Ann Broberg, allegedly went to a car park to meet Robert Berchtold. She apparently went there with her brother, and a gun!!!!

When can we expect a sequel to be released?

A sequel hasn't yet been confirmed, so there might not even be one. BUT, Netflix do follow similar scheduling dates with their shows. So, if there is a second episode, it could be expected in 2020.

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