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Here are the straight up weirdest things people have found in their student houses

From satanic dungeons to Danny Dyer cutouts


You've accumulated a plethora of things in your student house over the months you've lived there. From bringing back traffic cones from a night out, to that Patagonia jumper you picked up off a sticky dance floor and claimed as your own.

But some students have found something a little more peculiar in their student houses. We asked you to tell us the weirdest things they've found in their student houses and some really did not disappoint.

A terrifying dungeon with bloody hand prints on the wall

We've all been there. You're knee deep into the term and the amount of work you have on makes you start to wonder whether you actually ever had a social life. Your allocated clothes chair in the corner resembles a leaning tower of Pisa, that plate from the first day of term still sits there glaring at you and you start to realise your cute uni room has become a complete hell hole.

So you do it – you have that long overdue clean out of your house. You delve into that dungeon and have a spring clean. Oh – you didn't know that this Leeds student house has come with a complimentary dungeon? Equipped with handcuffs, chains and bloody hand prints on the walls? Read more about it here.

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A cardboard cutout of Danny Dyer

My housemate's first encounter with Danny resulted in her thinking he was a burglar, and proceeded to attack him.

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A rabbit (alive dw)

Some students may think they're quirky by getting a mouse and calling it Jeremy Corbyn or something – but these Leeds students went and got a full on rabbit. Their landlord is fuming.

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Look closely in the window reflection behind, terrifying.

A soldering iron

They should put this on the essentials list they give you when you enrol. Literally such a student necessity. This is low key sinister as fuck so the list questions asked the better tbh.

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This student co-operative where naked massage parties are hosted

Rent at the Edinburgh Student Cooperative can be as low as £315 a month, including all bills, but this isn't your normal student accommodation. From dressing as children, naked massage parties to gendered speaking times at housing meetings, things aren't as perfect as their Facebook ads would make it seem.

A shrine in memory of the late Heather Trott

Complete with quotes from the queen herself and a version of The Lord's prayer especially adapted to give thanks to Mrs. Trott's life.

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A rat that CRAWLED OUT OF THE TOILET and then died from bleach poisoning

A rat was found in the downstairs bathroom of a house in Southampton still alive. had been crawling around the room for days until it was seen "convulsing" behind the door after most likely eating something poisonous.

When the pest control man came round to deal with the situation he admitted that "if it had bitten you, you could've gone blind" AND that apparently rats swimming up people's toilets is a common issue because "the council are having troubles with the drains"?!

One of the house threatened to move back home to York after this incident, the other admitted "I have not had a peaceful wee since".

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A ballpit

These students felt like something was missing from their flat. So they made a ballpit. Read about it here if you're thoroughly inspired.

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A bidet

These are the types of student that have a Starbucks on the regs and sport subtle designer clothes. The definition of boujee.

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A pizza oven/air raid shelter

These UCL students were delighted to stumble across this handy storage space in their London flat. Nobody really knows what it is, but rumour has it its a personal air raid shelter for the wealthy snobs who didn't want to go and use the public one.

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