VOTE: Who is the most unbearable British YouTuber of all time?

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British YouTubers are insufferable. That’s a widely known and accepted fact. But somehow, they’ve all managed to be insufferable in their own special ways!

Some manipulate their young viewers into buying pointless merchandise. A few have been disgraced. Most have terrible personalities. And all of them have done it for so long, they need to just take the money and go. But who is the worst British YouTuber of all time?

Alfie Deyes – 3.9m subscribers

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Famously created an insensitive video on challenging himself to live on £1 a day and managed to convince everyone he’s a massive Tory because he was grossed out by the concept of drinking tap water. And trying to pre-empt the pointlessness of your channel by calling it PointlessBlog is the lamest thing ever, even by YouTuber standards.

AmazingPhil – 4.2m subscribers

Cast your minds back to 2009. Tumblr is still alive. Being emo is still somehow cool and a 17-year-old YouTuber called AmazingPhil decides to film a rAndOm Af! video with his other YouTuber friend Dan. They pretend to be cats with badly cut side fringes. Totally normal! xD

One would assume this sort of content was phased out by the the time being emo was no longer cool. But it’s YouTube, so of course there are 27-year-old men still making the same kind of videos they made ten years ago!

Caspar Lee – 7.4m subscribers

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You know how some people just never grow up? That’s what happened to Caspar, who creates prank and challenge videos. He started off doing videos like pranking his mum that he got a girl pregnant. Fast forward five years later, he’s still pranking, but this time his girlfriend who he “got a massive tattoo of.” Ha ha.

Conor Maynard – 8.4m subscribers

Impressively, Conor managed to transition from YouTuber to popstar only to reverse transition to being a YouTuber. His videos now feature him miming to pre-recorded vocals of dozens of similar-sounding songs mashed over the same Despacito-like beat. Name any mainstream song, he’s covered it. And by cover, I mean autotuned the shit out of it. A true musical genius.

Dan Howell – 6.5m subscribers

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Dan Howell’s entire YouTube career centres around telling probably un-true stories about him growing up and being hashtag awkward! Five and a half million people watched an 11-minute video titled: “I Nearly Blinded Myself” that includes an anecdote about going to a bakery to buy a pistachio muffin. That’s all you need to know about him and YouTubers in general really.

Estée Lalonde -1.2m subscribers

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The Canadian born Estée started like any other make up YouTuber, her videos were hyper-positive and the fake smile was always at the ready. As she got really big on YouTube, she moved to London. Then something changed.

About a year ago her filming style took a new direction, the forever happy YouTuber mask was off and we began seeing the real her. To the extent where she has filmed an entire video of her crying, which was a lot? But also kinda commendable???

Fleur de Force – 1.4m subscribers

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Fleur started her channel nine years ago and to be fair, unlike other YouTubers, she’s stuck to her brand of luxury make-up and lifestyle since the beginning. But this is the problem, apart from having a baby, her content hasn’t really changed for the last nine years. It made you feel poor nine years ago and it still makes you feel poor now!

Jack Harries – 4m subscribers

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What started off as a channel by a somewhat bored, good-looking white British male actually transitioned into something meaningful. Sure, you might have an existential crisis after watching one of Jack’s videos. Though it’s only because they will leave you questioning the authenticity of all the other YouTubers. He’s like the vegan of the British YouTuber group, but you can’t hate him because he’s actually doing something good with his time.

Jack Maynard – 1.5m subscribers

In the ranking of showbiz families, YouTuber families wallow at the dirty pits of the table – right below reality TV families. Even though he’s doomed to an eternal residence in his brother’s shadow, Jack isn’t as outwardly offensive as Joe Sugg or Alfie Deyes, but at the same time… eh?

Jim Chapman – 2.3m subscribers

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Jim is a men’s fashion YouTuber and also Tanya Burr’s husband (see below). And yes, they’re both as awful as eachother! There’s no easy way to say this but the only reason he has so many subscribers is because he hopped on the YouTube bandwagon early.

You know his channel is tanking because his last fashion video got 13k views, which is odd for someone with millions of subscribers. Maybe it’s because he’s so unbearably boring or maybe it’s because he has no fashion sense!

Joe Sugg – 8.2m subscribers

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Joe’s recent appearance on Strictly would suggest he can feel the Sugg bubble about to burst. Perhaps he’s more clever than we give him credit for. Unlike his older sister Zoella, he’s actually had a proper job in his life which is what makes him slightly more bearable. Constantly sounds like he has a cold.

Joe Weller – 5.1m subscribers

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Protein shakes. Masculinity. Skits. Reaction videos. Exploring haunted houses. Wrestling. More masculinity. Loss of braincells. That’s all you need to know about Joe Weller’s channel.

KSI – 19m subscribers

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Imagine a LADBible post left to fester a little too long, that’s KSI’s entire channel. He once specialised in making gaming videos. Now spends his time fleecing money from an entirely manufactured beef with Logan Paul – sometimes in TV boxing fights (no really), and sometimes in music videos (no REALLY). The state of his channel belies his origins as a YouTuber once famous for paying real money to play FIFA and snapping laptops in half in gameplay reaction videos.

Marcus Butler – 4.3m subscribers

To explain just how painful this man’s videos are, just watch this single video:

Niomi Smart – 1.6m subscribers

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The health and lifestyle guru famously went out with YouTuber Marcus Butler. They split up in 2015 and at the time, it was honestly the biggest scandal of the internet. She’s released her own recipe book but aside from that she hasn’t really done anything remarkable or memorable.

She’s just another twee, rich YouTuber who tries to be relatable, but kinda misses the mark. What’s the point of filming yourself doing pilates on a rooftop when most of your subscribers will probably never be able to relate? And how many of your subscribers will actually go out and buy dehydrated mulberries and spirulina powder to put in their smoothie bowls?

Oli White – 2.8m subscribers

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Two brothers eat copious amounts of sugar and film themselves do dumb shit. That is the entire concept of Oli White’s channel. It’s not good.

PewDiePie – 75m subscribers

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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka. PewDiePie is originally from Sweden but lives in the UK. He’s a divisive YouTube figure because he’s basically a professional troll. Specialises in playing whatever game every other YouTube gamer is playing while yelling in a mix of Swedish and gibberish. Appeals exclusively to 13-year-old boys.

TGFbro – 4.4m subscribers

Remember when that guy cemented his head inside a microwave and some very annoyed firefighters had to come and cut him out? That was Jay from TGFbro, possibly the most easily hated-on of all British YouTubers. And that probably wasn’t the dumbest thing the duo have ever done. Whether it’s “We Vacuum Sealed Our Entire Body In A Zorb Ball And It Went Wrong”, or “I Superglued Yeezy’s To My Feet Until It Developed Cheese”, or “We GOT ARRESTED for STARTING A RIOT (HIDE & SEEK WITH 3,000 PEOPLE)“, their entire brand is built on hurting themselves for entertainment. Sure, it’s more entertaining and sincere than Zoella’s asinine smiling, but you come away from every video slightly dumber and more resentful of the human condition.

Sam Pepper – 2.2m subscribers

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Urgh. Where to start. The disgraced YouTuber has been accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women. After we thought we finally got rid of him, he recently came back to YouTube with a four hour live stream of him harassing women on the streets of LA, by pressuring them to give out their number.

Most of the time, his “social experiment” videos were really problematic. In 2014, he uploaded a controversial video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank”, where he went up to women and asked for directions before pinching them. Afterwards the hashtag #ReportSamPepper trended on Twitter. A few days later he published another video where women pinched men and then claimed the whole prank was to raise awareness about sexual harassment. (CW: Sexual harassment)

Other social experiments included filming homeless people without their permission for millions of views.

In 2015, Sam posted a video called “Killing Best Friend Prank”, which showed Sam kidnapping two of his friends. One of them was in on the prank and the other one wasn’t. Sam pretends to shoot one friend, while the other guy’s head is still covered. And it’s honestly horrendous and quite traumatic. Metro compared it to an “ISIS-style execution.” Apparently it was all to send a message “about living life to the full… not taking life for granted and loving it because it’s short.” (CW: Kidnapping, torture, abuse)

And then as a response to the criticism, Sam started a GoFundMe campaign, stating he’d delete his channel if he raised $1.5 million dollars. Both the campaign and the video were later removed.

Louise Pentland (previously Sprinkle Of Glitter) – 2.5m subscribers

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Louise is one of the old school British YouTubers. Famously, her and Zoella were best friends. But sadly that friendship seems to have dissipated into nothing after they both said they have very different lifestyles.

Louise isn’t awful, in fact she’s far from that. But she did film her own home birth, where there were no nurses present. All her videos are about her children, even though she regularly makes a big deal about not filming her children against their consent. Lol okay.

Tanya Burr – 3.5m subscribers

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Meet YouTube’s girl next door who was actually going places. She launched a make up career, her lifestyle videos made everyone want to be her and her degree of humbleness made her the more palatable version of Zoella. But then she threw it all away in pursuit of an acting career. Tanya has recently been taking down her previous Vlogmas videos so that people take her more seriously. But… don’t forget where you come from please.

Zoe Sugg aka. Zoella – 4.8m subscribers

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Scandal after scandal after scandal has weakened the Queen of YouTube’s grip on all her child fans. First came HelloWorld (the disastrous YouTube event she furiously promoted), then she “wrote” that book she didn’t actually write, then came the famous calendar and most recently she released a book full of non-information, which currently retails at £20. Zoella may be a YouTube villain, but is she the worst of them all?

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