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These are all the secret uni drinking societies they don’t want you to know about

Yep, they still exist


The epitome of upper middle class publicly educated posh boys (and sometimes girls), drinking societies typically hail from the classic unis, like Oxbridge and St Andrew's to name but a few.

Unsurprisingly, most unis with drinking societies are in the Russell Group, are really posh and fall into the top 20 whitest unis in the country. Here they are.

The Bullingdon Club, Oxford

The Bullingdon club, founded over 200 years ago, has long being one of the most infamous uni drinking societies in the country.

The institution boasts a hoard of famous former members, such as former PM David Cameron and everyone's favourite tea-maker, Boris Johnson. The all-male club is notorious for its raucous dinners that often end in them making headlines for their disgraceful behaviour.

Despite the club's reputation there have been reports over the past couple of years suggesting they are on the brink of extinction because no one wants to join.

According to a former Oxford student "they are not cool anymore, just super posh" and "all look like Boris Johnson's ugly younger brother but somehow have super fit girlfriends" – it must be their personalities.

The Pitt Club, Cambridge

Yet another notorious uni drinking club, the Pitt Club was founded in 1835 and boasts an all-star list of former members, including actor Eddie Redmayne and Edward VII.

The club is named after Willaim Pitt the Younger the youngest Prime Minister the country has ever had and they even have a plaque of the former pm's head above the entrance.

Due to dwindling membership over recent years, the club has had to lease the ground floor of its iconic building to none other than Pizza Express – I wonder if they get a discount?

The famous home of the Pitt Club is now a Pizza Express

Notts10, Nottingham

A fairly new addition into the world of uni drinking societies, Notts10 was founded by a group of freshers earlier this year. The fledgling society is male only and has a very strict dress code where "members must wear a bowtie to attend their event, otherwise they can't come".

Apparently the group is "more conservative than you'd suppose at Nottingham" – I sense a running theme here.

The members of Notts10 at a recent meeting

The Piers Gaveston Society, Oxford

Another infamous group, the Piers Gaveston Society is named after the supposed gay lover of Edward II. The society only has 12 official members, both men and women, but invite hundreds to their annual midsummer party.

The raucous party takes place every year after exams are finished and costs between £50-90 per ticket. They are usually sex-themed and revellers are encouraged to wear as little clothing as possible. The invitees are loaded onto buses with blacked out windows and taken to a field in the middle of nowhere and phones and any other recording devices are taken off them to keep the illusion of secrecy up.

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A former Oxford student who attended one of the debauched events said the organisers invite drug dealers to attend and even employ bouncers, usually from clubs in the city, to keep an eye on the party.

Former famous partygoers include the likes of Hugh Grant, Nigella Lawson and Lavinia Woodward the Oxford student who shot to fame for avoiding jail for stabbing her boyfriend because she was too intelligent.

The Praetorian Club, St Andrew's

Also known as the PC, the Praetorian Club is one of the most secretive societies on the list – perhaps because of the £100,000 NDA that members have to sign.

Members apparently all have to come from a top UK private school, cannot be a member of any other St Andrew's club and are also meant to be part of a private member's club in London.

The club is rumoured to have ties that can't be worn around St Andrew's and can only be worn in London.

The Roos, Cambridge

A lesser known Oxbridge drinking society but by no means less controversial. The all male society hails from Queen's College, Cambridge and are a largely sport-based drinking society.

They recently made headlines after their mistimed initiations took place outside a church in the centre of Cambridge on Remembrance Sunday, just a short time after the minute silence. The initiations are rumoured to last 8 hours and include a series of physical trials along with several drinking rituals.

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Members of the group during their initiations on Remembrance Sunday

Scortum, Bristol

Scortum, which is the latin word for whore, is one of the very few all-female drinking societies in the country. The elite society's "members are handpicked for their looks, who they know, and who their families are."

According to a former Bristol uni student : "the society was more about networking than heaving drinking", much unlike its male counterparts. As part of the initiation process you had to bring along a VIP guest to one of their monthly meetings which were never in the same place in order to keep the veil of secrecy surrounding the society in tact.

Cherubs, Cambridge

Another drinking society that hails from Queen's College, Cambridge, the Cherubs are an all-male drinking society that Stephen Fry used to be the President of back in his student days.

The club reportedly only has seven members and is notorious for their initiation ritual called the "Wine Game" whereby "if you finish the bottle, then the person who handed it to you buys the next one" and you keep going until one of you throws up.

The club's members famously get banned from pubs and bars across Cambridge and one of their members has "I'm a Belieber" tattooed on their bum.

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The offending Belieber tattoo

The Kensington Club, St Andrew's

The Kensington Club is an all-male drinking society made up of "men of endless virility" according to a publication titled "A Brief History of the Kensington Club: 1739 – 2010". The members are noticeable due to their green, white and red ties.

However the history of this can't be verified despite the fact they have a Wikipedia page because there are no outside sources to independently verify the claims. It is widely believed that the club was founded in the 1970s, around the same time as the Piers Gaveston Society at Oxford.

They hold a "Secret Garden Party" annually and if you are invited tickets cost £45, but if you didn't make the cut you will have to shell out roughly £300 to attend.

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A photo of the Kensington Club

The Exiles, Durham

The Exiles are an all-male drinking society whose members attended some of the top private schools in the country, such as Dulwich College, Eton and Sherborne.

An alumni member explained the group’s name to The Tab: “They applied to the Bailey, and mostly Hatfield, and were exiled to Jospehine Butler.”

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The navy and yellow blazers make the members stand out

New members are selected based on their background, how wealthy they are, or a "good breeding" and all members wear a striped navy and yellow blazer from a particular tailor.

“They also wear odd-socks when they go on the lash to show who they are, but also because it show how disjointed they are away from the Bailey.”

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