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These Nottingham freshers have created a male-only drinking society with a strictly bowtie dress code

A copy-cat venture parallel to Oxford’s drinking socs


A group of Nottingham Uni freshers have started an exclusive, male-only drinking society called Notts10.

UoN's very own has got a strict dress code, where "members must wear a bowtie to attend their event, otherwise they can't come," according to one member.

The recruitment process is reportedly strict – invite only. Current members of Notts10 can invite prospective members to the events, but must get permission from the group's leaders and the majority of the club. A majority of the members are from Hugh Stewart (HuStu) Hall.

Their first meeting was last Friday, where the group, dressed in black and white tuxedos and bowties, reportedly went on a city bar crawl, starting at Sexy Mamma Loves Cicchetti.

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HuStu residents are no strangers to suited occasions

The Tab Nottingham spoke to Sexy Mamma Loves Cicchetti, who confirmed the group were "all very well dressed", but only at the restaurant for a short time.

After buying a bottle of Cognac at the Italian restaurant they travelled to several bars in the city centre of Nottingham. A majority of the group then left to Ocean to end their first meeting.

One member, who wished to remain anonymous, in line with the society's secrecy, told us the members are "more conservative than you'd suppose at Nottingham."

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HuStu, which residents have been known to mistake for their palatial Home Counties gaffs

Male-only exclusive clubs are notorious at high-ranking universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, and St Andrews. Clubs like The Bulldogs and The Caesareans at Cambridge are well-known for their debauched behaviour, and now Nottingham might have one to rival them.

The group have not filled for membership under the Students' Union, but are apparently close to Nottingham University Conservative Association.

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