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Here are the Russell Group unis ranked in order of how white they are

On average, Russell Group unis are 77 per cent white


We already know the Russell Group unis have a problem when it comes to diversity, with grime artist Stormzy now offering scholarships for black students who want to go to Cambridge but would struggle to afford it.

The past year has also seen a number of shocking racist incidents on UK campuses. There was the Exeter group chat, the York student radio DJ who was called the n-word whilst she was live on air, and the black Sheffield student who had a banana thrown at him at Varsity.

A few months ago, a few people even said they had withdrawn their applications from Exeter following the group chat incident.

It is therefore maybe of little surprise to hear that on average the Russell Group unis contain 77 per cent white people. But which is the whitest?

Queen's Belfast is the whitest of the Russell Group unis, with a staggering 95.31 per cent of the student body being white. Not far behind it are Exeter and Edinburgh, with 89.51 per cent and 88.86 per cent of the student body being made up of white people.

The least white Russell Group university was Queen Mary University of London with less than half of its students being white at 41.95 per cent.

Here is the full ranking of how white each Russell Group uni is:

Stats are taken from HESA, 2016/17

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