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Who is Caspar Jopling? The cultured posh boy Ellie Goulding just got engaged to

I’m getting Starry Eyed just looking at him

Ellie Goulding somehow always gets the creme of the crop. She's dated Dougie from McFly, Greg James, Jeremy Irvine and Prince Harry!!! But she's just announced her engagement to Caspar Jopling, a very fit, delicate, posh boy you've probably never heard of.

In a very British and aristocratic manner, The Times made an announcement about their engagement yesterday. It read: “The engagement is announced between Caspar, son of The Hon Nicholas Jopling of Yorkshire and Mrs Jayne Warde-Aldam of Yorkshire, and Elena*, daughter of Mr Arthur Goulding of Herefordshire and Mrs Tracey Sumner of West Midlands.”

They dated for 18 months before he asked her to be his wife. And he's definitely the best one out of all of the guys she dated. Sorry not sorry:

Firstly, Caspar is old money aka. VERY rich

Caspar Jopling, 26, is the nephew of Jay Jopling, who is a very famous and very wealthy art dealer.

? @kevintachman #Serpentine @acnestudios @jacquemus

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He's an Arts Dealer at Sotheby's aka. he's very cultured and cool

According to his LinkedIn, he works in Corporate Development and Strategy; Contemporary Art at Sotheby's in New York. His Instagram also reveals that he travels a lot, because he takes pictures of various art galleries all over the world on a weekly basis.

He's equally as smart because he studied at Harvard

Sure, he went to Eton with Prince Harry and Wills and then went to Harvard to study History of Art. No biggie.

He's almost a royal because he's very close mates with Princess Eugenie

When Ellie dated and broke up with Prince Harry in 2016, she remained close with the royals. We don't know if Princess Eugenie introduced the Ellie to Caspar, but all three of them were spotted hanging out at a Brooklyn Nets game last year.

And here's Princess Eugenie casually appearing on Caspar's Insta:

Day 1 done #ABMB

A post shared by Caspar Jopling (@casparjopling) on Nov 30, 2016 at 4:22pm PST

He's sporty and used to row for Harvard

Caspar was a rower at Harvard University and his photo made it on a wall in Heathrow Terminal 5. He was part of the "Harvard Heavies." According to Cosmopolitan, he competed in the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

They're really, really happy together

A source told the Sun's Bizarre column: "The couple wanted to tell friends and family first and people won't notice because her name is Elena. She's over the moon and has never felt so happy."

? and ?

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He also calls Ellie by her real name Elena, awwww.

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