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The Tab guide to A-Level results day 2018: Everything you need to know

From how to get them to perfecting your Insta post


A-Level results day 2018 is dawning, and for a lot of people it's a whirlwind of emotions. It's different for everyone. For some it's heartbreaking, but for a lot it's a day of celebrating and perfecting your results day jump picture for all your Instagram and new Facebook dp.

You might find yourself opening up exactly what you expected, higher than you expected, or you might end up using a process like clearing to get your uni choice. Here's exactly what to expect, and how to get through A-Level results day 2018.

When is results day?

A-Level results day 2018 is Thursday 16th August.

What happens on results day?

You might think you just wake up, get your results and that's that, but realistically you'll probably be a nervous wreck. If you're feeling a little more shaky about what that actually means, here's a step by step guide to what will happen.

At 8am, Track on UCAS goes live. On here you'll be able to see your uni confirmation but your grades won't show up. If by mid-morning your Track still hasn't updated then you need to ring the uni, because this means they still haven't made a decision.

On the day, you have to go in person and pick up your results from your school or college.

Then if you meet your grades, Track on UCAS should say that you've been accepted into your uni. You should also be able to see your confirmation letter, and make sure you read this as there's probably going to be some important stuff in there from the uni about what to do next. For a full guide on how to use UCAS, click here.

Then be ready for the social media posts – I'm talking a flurry of perfected 'me with my results' jumping pics and results transcriptions captioned "OI OI LEEDS AIN'T READY FOR ME". It is.

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10/10 results day pic

What do I do if I miss my grades for uni?

If you miss your grades your top choice or insurance choice uni might still offer you the place. If they don't, you can give them a call and ask if they will still accept you.

They might offer you a place, or offer you a place on a similar course.

Even if they don't – there's more options. You can opt for clearing – The Tab's full guide to clearing can be found here. If you're unsure of what university to pick in clearing, The Tab's uni guide can be found here.

Or you can retake some of your exams and reapply next year, or take a gap year to spend some time finding yourself and making your Insta aesthetics worthy of that illusive A*.

Either way, missing grades on results day isn't the end of the world and there are plenty of alternatives to full time study.

Can I get my A-Levels remarked?

On results day, you might be slightly underwhelmed and left questioning whether or not you can get your papers remarked. In short, yes you can.

From this summer, it's not called getting a remark, instead it's been revamped into 'reviews of results' or an RoR.

Where do I get my A-Levels remarked?

You can only get a remark through the centre you sat your exam, so your school or college. You'll need to discuss with teachers whether or not getting a remark is the right route, and then the centre do all the paperwork with the exam board.

OCR, AQA and Pearson (EDEXCEL) all have pages dedicated to their post results services, which might be worth checking out.

What do I do if I need to get an A-Level paper remarked for a university place?

If you need to get an A-Level paper remarked for a university place, you can ask for a priority review of marking, but this request has to be made by August 23rd 2018.

For more help, see what UCAS says about exam reviews and appeals.

How to decide on which uni to go to

When applying to uni it gets drilled into you by teachers, parents and pretty much everyone you speak to, that you need to pick somewhere where the course is reputable, the accommodation is nice and cheap and where your graduate prospects look good. But everyone knows that's pretty boring.

What you actually care for is a ranking that looks at things like how much a pint is, or where has the best vibe and a decent kebab shop. The Tab is here for that, and actually rank unis for what the students care about.

Whether or not you pick your uni by where you're most likely to have the most sex, where the most fuckboys go, or where the students smoke the most weed, there's a lot to consider. After all, a good few years of your life are going to be spent there, so it does help if it's a place you are going to like.

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Just want to shout my results from the rooftops!!

What is clearing?

In a nutshell, it's how universities fill any places they still have on courses.

Generally, it's used by applicants who didn't get into their firm or insurance places so have to look elsewhere to gain a place at uni. It can also be used to get onto a different course, if you didn't get the course you wanted to.

How do I use clearing?

You basically get in contact with other unis to see if they would offer you a place. Here's the full process of how to use clearing – it's a lot simpler than you may think and can be completely stress free.

What is adjustment?

Adjustment is for students who can be super smug because they did better than expected.

It can be used if you want to look at whether your results might get you onto a different course.

Then after results day it's time to get prepped for uni life.

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