How to perfect your jump in time for A-level results’ day

We asked for help from some cheerleaders


You know those pictures that newspapers always take, with girls jumping in the air holding their A-level results, launching off some steps onto their classmates who just missed out, crushing their souls?

This could be your moment of fame, your time to shine in newspaper form and wave your AAB in the air. You cannot mess this up. So, we wanted to get some advice on how to perfect your jump for those photographers on results’ day. We went to Hyde Park to meet three of the University of the Arts Royal Cheerleaders, Ali, Beth and Catie, who taught us some jumping techniques.

Warm-up so you don’t grimace when you pull a muscle

It’s essential to limber up before you begin jumping. Get everyone stretched and ready, you don’t want anyone pulling a muscle before you get your dancing shoes on for your evening celebrations.

My squad really weren’t impressed that I couldn’t touch my toes. But supple hamstrings do not good A-level results make.

Ensure you plan your jump

This is essential. Although you can take multiple shots, it’s best to have a game plan. Have a chat beforehand to organise things like jumping style, timing and facial expressions.

It is very important to get the boy:girl ratio on point, I would recommend no boys. Statistically, they don’t do as well in their A-levels so they have less of a reason to jump. Remember, not just tallest at the back, but ugliest at the back. Bad make-up will also not earn you a place centre-front, we don’t want any wonky eyeliner or eyebrows that don’t match. If you’ve failed, mop up that mascara streak and get your game face on.

Get everyone to do a practice jump so that you know whose is best and should be the focus of the photo. It is important to organise a structure at this stage and decide on a countdown. We don’t want any “wait, are we going on ‘one’ or ‘now'” when the photographer is stood waiting.

The double heel flick, or ‘S-Club’

This is an absolute classic. Easy to execute, well within everyone’s capabilities, and you can play around with a bit of group symmetry. If your school or college has an attractive building with steps, this would work as a nice backdrop for the ‘S-Club’.

The toe-touch

This was not a success. The cheerleaders had a very complicated countdown system, which my undisciplined mind simply could not fathom. Hence, my timing was off and ruined the picture. Also who can touch their toes in the air, it’s madness. This is only for the most coordinated of girl-gangs, do not attempt without training.

The photobomb

If you’re not part of an athletic squad, or if you just want to ruin someone else’s A-level jump photo because they did better than you, pop into their shot and ruin it for them. It could have been the perfect cover photo with all their mates, but you ruined it beautifully. ‘Does she even go here?’ they will ask.

The horizontal lift

This is an ideal method if one of your mates gets way too drunk before the picture to celebrate/commiserate their results. Pick them up, get a cute photo, their parents will be none the wiser.

The throne

Similar to the horizontal lift, the throne is ideal for a drunken companion. Alternatively, if you have a queen bee in your group, she might like to be carried by her minions. It does make you feel very regal.

The shoulder stand

Not for the faint hearted, the shoulder stand is for real daredevils. Jonny stepped up and agreed to give it a go, not without sitting on Catie’s head first.

But what a way to celebrate your results, by standing on your best friends. It’s the ultimate A-level results picture and will allow you to finish school with a bang. You can tell all your new uni mates about it in September. It’ll be classic.