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It’s time to decide: Which uni course produces the most annoying students?

Medics are obviously up there

University is meant to be the best years of your life. The drinks, the friends, the freedom – all in quantities you’ve never experienced before.

But the one thing you didn’t anticipate is the amount of annoying people you’d meet on your way. As you made friends across all different courses, it quickly became evident that some degrees produce more annoying people than others.

Why is that that History students never seem to shut up about how hard their degree is and act like no one will ever get it? Or why do Economics students talk down to anyone who’s not a Tory, just because they can’t get out of Margaret Thatcher’s arse? Why do Classics students, after having a few pints, insist on speaking a dead language that no one understands?

These things we will never know. But for once and for all, it’s time to decide – which degree produces the most annoying students at your uni?


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Energy drink number four!!

All Architecture students do is moan about the studio and how they don’t have a social life because they’re too busy making plasticine models. Mate stop complaining, you’re gonna be on £90k when you graduate.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “I can’t believe I’m doing this for seven years.”

Where you’ll spot one: Not in the studio, complaining how they should be in the studio.

How annoying are they out of 10?: 8


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Barbour’s are the uniform of the Agric

Agriculture students are the students we love to hate. They are the kind of people who put massively long stories on their Instagram, sipping port, wearing gilets and singing hymns in a massive house in the middle of nowhere. They all dress in the same green, brown or navy coloured clothes. But it’s hard engaging with someone who is so far removed from the real world.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “If I had an ill wife and child, I would drive to Durham too.”

Where you’ll spot one: At a secret drinking society meeting.

How annoying are they out of 10?: 9


There are two kinds of anthropology students: the ones that are obsessed with different cultures, and the ones who left school without any idea of what they wanted to do and are now sorely regretting their choice thanks to the fanaticism of the former category. Is it cultural appropriation or appreciation? You can find them debating this with 50-year-old Brexiteers from Cornwall on Twitter.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “I haven’t washed my hair in three weeks, in solidarity with the strike.”

Where you’ll spot one: Literally any protest.

How annoying are they out of 10?: 7


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Every art student is in a competition with every other student to be that little bit more edgy than them, and they will do whatever it takes to be edgier than everyone else. Every time you see your art friend, they’ll have a different hair, they’ll be wearing better clothes than you, and they’ll be so polite and mellow that you just want to shake them and tell them to care more. There’s such a thing as being too laid back and easy, and art students do not get this.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “This piece was inspired by that one time I took acid.”

Where you’ll spot one: In a dingy pub that only locals go to.

How annoying are they out of 10?: 10


They constantly moan about how “upsetting” and “horrible” it was to dissect a frog. They’ll insist you have a full-scale skeleton in the corner of the living room so they can revise bones. They’ll act like they’re off Grey’s Anatomy because they know a bit more about periods and the respiratory system than you. They’re just constantly trying to be a medic, but a fake one, which is maybe even worse??

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Honestly the brain is fucking disgusting.”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 6


You’ll never see them because they’re always in the library, desperately trying to figure out how they’re going to do a Medicine conversion because they couldn’t get the right A-Level grades all those years ago. But that’s the thing about them, it’s the only thing on their mind. Oh well, at least they make good in-house doctors.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Oh I can’t do then, I’ve got labs then.”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 4


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A rare sight: Chemistry students out clubbing

The only thing Chemistry students love more than being in labs is complaining about how many contact hours they have. It’s not like someone made you choose Chemistry, so either drop out or get on with it. And please don’t moan about it to me, I’ve got my hands full making sure I miss my four contact hours a week doing English Lit.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “I can’t come out tonight, I’ve got four lab reports due for tomorrow morning!”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 5


They’ll claim to know everything about classical civilisation, but really they base their knowledge from BBC documentaries they’ve watched. Classics students will annoy you because they’ll drop in the odd Greek word like ‘hubris’ or ‘hamartia’ into conversation when quite clearly no one knows what they mean, and all of a sudden you’ll feel insecure and stupid for not knowing a dead language.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Well, if you look at past civilisations…”

Where you’ll spot one: They’re at home 24/7, booking another holiday to Athens.

How annoying are they out of 10? 6

Computer Science

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Probably hacking this poll as we speak

Once having harboured dreams of being the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, Computer Science students’ dreams have been crushed by the sheer intensity of their course. All they really know is computers and games, so spend their time waffling on about codes and HTML – things you really, really don’t care about. Annoyingly though, you’re well aware that while you’re working in your mediocre £20k job, they’ll be starting on £60k for someone cool like Google. Bastards.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Let’s hack Eduroam and change the name!!”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 5


Dentists have no issue in reminding you they’re going to be rolling in money a year after graduating, and that they’ll only work Monday-Thursday in their own private practice when they’re in their 30s. They enjoy nothing more than asking you several questions about your coursework on child language acquisition, to then ask “so what are you gonna do with that later in life?” Their constant smugness of knowing they’re going to be retired by the age of 50 is unbearable for the rest of us souls.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “I’ll be retired by the time I’m 45.”

Where you’ll spot one: In a fancy cocktail bar because they can actually afford it.

How annoying are they out of 10? 8


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Economics students are annoying because they spend three years pretending they’re studying in order to make something of themselves, when they’ll panic in spring term of final year and just become an accountant like everyone else.

Imagine your standard run-of-the-mill average Economics student. They drink Peroni because it’s slightly more expensive than other branded beers and people will notice that, they fixate on the opportunity cost of everything, which strains your friendship with them. You can’t have a normal conversation with them without them veering into Economics land with all that jargon you’ll never understand.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Do you even understand basic economics?”

Where you’ll spot one: Shouting angrily at other Economics students whilst simultaneously trying to explain something on a whiteboard in the loud section of the library.

How annoying are they out of 10?: 9


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Nailed it, five gold stars

It’s actually hard to hate on Education students. They’ve already made the decision to dedicate their life after to uni to helping others. If they’re doing Primary Education as their degree, you can guarantee that they’re one of the nicest people you’ve ever met in your life. They make you want to go back to being sat on the beanbag reading ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, every single day.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Don’t tag me in that on Facebook, my Year 3 class might see!”

Where you’ll spot one: In a trampoline park.

How annoying are they out of 10? 1


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Look at me I can fix your shitty car

Engineering students might be annoyingly plain but we all know they’re going to get a good degree and actually might achieve something in their lives. Every time you see them, they’ll be in the same boring SuperDry hoody, wearing a Fitbit. The only time you get any life out of an engineer is when they go on a night out and tank a two litre bottle of grim cider, but even then they’re just loud, start fights with lampposts, and puke in your house.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Should I wear my SuperDry hoody, or my SuperDry hoody?”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 6

English Lit

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If you don’t study English Lit at uni, you have next to no chance of being able to join in a conversation between two Lit students. We can’t all just pluck facts out of thin air about coming-of-age narratives and whether they are determined by the conventions of their genre. It’s simply not going to happen.

Often, when an English student opens their mouth it is to complain about having an immense workload, which normally just means that they have a lot of reading to do. Wasn’t your “love of reading” the main reason you picked the course? Oh sorry my mistake, I forgot about all those extra plays you’re in this term! At least Sparknotes still exist, eh?

The thing they’re most likely to say: I have sooooo much reading to do… *continues watching Peep Show for the 737th time*

How annoying are they out of 10?: 10


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Nothing like being out in the English moors for your degree

Geography students are annoying because they’ve actually nailed university. They’re forever off on trips to fun places like Iceland or Borneo, drawing little graphs and collecting rocks. Their Instagram as a result look incredible, making you utterly jealous and deciding they’re the worst because of it. They also have a genuine reason to buy Patagonia and North Face clothing, unlike you.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “This one time, when we were in the salt flats of Bolivia…”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 8


Historians always have a little smug smirk after telling someone they study History. The risen corner of their lip basically says “yeah, that’s right, I’m doing a ‘stable’ degree, the one your mum and dad desperately wanted you to take rather than Theatre Studies”. They have an air of superiority, but why? From what? All they do is read about stuff that’s happened in the past and can near enough explain the Gaza-Israel conflict – good for you.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “As a HISTORIAN…”

How annoying are they out of 10? 9

History of Art

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Oooo look at me and some art!

Those who study History of Art exclusively smoke badly rolled cigarettes. Their lungs are charred from all the smoke they inhaled in the space of three years of uni. They wanted to do art but mummy and daddy told them it would be a financial disaster, so they decided to do something academic instead. Little did they know they’d hate it and somehow end up at a desk job when they graduate.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Mate the whole History of Art is so fucking Western-centric anyway, it’s fucking problematic.”

Where you’ll spot one: They’re always abroad and you can’t even keep up with it. Last weekend they were in Venice, visiting the Biennale, now they’re in New York at the MoMA.

How annoying are they out of 10?: 9


Those who study Languages like to assert a sense of moral superiority over the rest of us. Oooh look at them, they’re so cultured and worldly with their year abroad tans! But the only time you’ll actually hear them speak another language is when they’re drunk in a smoking area shouting random words at an international student.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Hello, cómo estás? Oops sorry, I got my languages confused again, it’s one of the annoying things about being bilingual.”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 9


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Waahhayyyy £1k disposable income boys!!!

Born in Surrey. His Dad is a constituent, Mum an insurance broker. His parents paid for his accommodation in full, so he has a full loan to spend on books, wine, cocaine, and tweed. He’ll act very smug when you discuss your family problems and social life as if he’s never experienced hardships in his life.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Guys honestly, we should sue.”

How annoying are they out of 10?: 8


For some reason, they thought that a further three years of differentiation and integration was a good idea. Good luck “integrating” in to any social groups!

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Maths has real life applications” (in an attempt to console themselves).

Where you’ll spot one: Sitting in front of the sofa, playing Fortnite.

How annoying are they out of 10? 7

Media/Communication studies

Media students are the bane of the education system in the UK, unfortunately. Many of the prospective graduates, with a BA Media degree in their pocket, can only blame their reluctance to pick something genuinely challenging and academically rigorous, rather than enjoy a three year freshers experience.

They’ll moan to you about the pile of essays that they have to complete, but in reality, the content is about analysing Instagram pictures, discussing the impact the smartphone has had on communication practices, and 1,000 words on a reflection of their course so far.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Please can you not underestimate my course. It’s actually quite hard what I do.”

How annoying are they out of 10? 9


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If they’re not on the ward, they’re on the picket line

As David Cameron was once quoted saying, “Weetabix are kind of like terms. Two is good, three are a bit too much”. University is somewhat like Weetabix. Three years is the best number to have for education in university. But when Medicine students have to endure a painful six year tenure in an institution, the joke is long over of whether uni is fun for them. How many times can they lie to new freshers that they’re just in the third year, when in reality they’re in the fifth, struggling with finding friends outside their course, and just waiting to enjoy a well-paying and well-respected job in the NHS.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Uhh, yeah, I’m just finishing my third year rn. You?”

Where you’ll spot one: At a ‘Save the NHS’ rally.

How annoying are they out of 10? 10


Always at band practice – or more likely smoking rollies outside the rehearsal room – a music student will always be that little bit cooler than you. But the annoying thing about them? They’re talented and don’t they bloody know it.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Did you know I have perfect pitch?”

How annoying are they out of 10? 3


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Yeah man like hedonism is so whack

They can’t let anything go. One minute you’ll be conversing about an essay you’re working on, and how it’s really stressing you out, the next thing you know, they’ll be asking questions like “what even is an essay, who sets that boundary?” I’ll tell you what it is mate, it’s this massive 3,000-worder I’m working on at the minute, and it’s fucking hard.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Honestly weed really helps with essays, it expands the mind meaning you’re more creative – the UK government should legalise it.”

How annoying are they out of 10? 7


Thought that The Big Bang Theory was rooted in fact when they were applying for UCAS and thought that a Physics degree would help them to pull. They were swiftly proven wrong.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Nice guys finish last.”

How annoying are they out of 10? 8


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If you know, you know

Genuinely some of the most opinionated people that you are ever likely to meet and are always convinced that their opinions are FACT. Can often be found in student political parties as they stopped getting invited to real ones after debating the pros and cons of Brexit in a corner at their flatmate’s birthday.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Don’t you care about democracy?”

Where you’ll spot one: Debating furiously in the Facebook group ‘The Cabinet’. It’s where dreams come to die.

How annoying are they out of 10? 9


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Psychologists are relatively un-annoying. They come home with their big folders and talk to you about this crazy aggression experiment involving dogs, mice and a gorilla, which is a welcome break from your boring degree. Plus, being a guinea-pig for their coursework is pretty fun. But that’s all well and good before they start asking you to do their surveys. FUCK OFF CARYS, I DON’T WANT A £10 AMAZON VOUCHER.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Please do my experiment – it’ll only take 10 minutes!”

Where you’ll spot one: In your average, mainstream club that has Calvin Harris on a loop – they’re always out.

How annoying are they out of 10? 6


Like Psychology, but a bit lamer. They try and big-up their course constantly, but you have to keep reminding them you’ve learnt their whole course contents from one sitting of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “Yes, actually, sociology IS a real science.”

Where you’ll spot them: Canvassing for Labour in the local elections.

How annoying are they out of 10? 4

Vet Science

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They know they’re better than the rest of us. Working consistently hard throughout the year, up earlier than all the rest of us, and they even have a campus dedicated to their own subject. They are too good to socialise with the other students too – all their socials are VETthis VETthat.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “I can only stay for one, I’m lambing tomorrow morning.”

How annoying are they out of 10? 7

War Studies

I’m sorry but this is not even a course. Only Civilisation or Age of Empires nerds would want to learn about guns and take up a module on shipping containers.

The thing they’re most likely to say: “War is the end of civilisation.”

How annoying are they out of 10? 7

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