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Wait? Did Jack actually leave the Love Island villa last night?

Is there still hope for Jani?

Last night's episode saw our beloved Jack and Dani ripped to shreds over a lie detector test. With a teasing preview to tonight's episode, we're all asking: does Jack leave Love Island?

For Dani, Jack failed her most important question, regarding loyalty outside of the villa. Jack's responses confirming his true love for Dani and a desire to potentially have a family together in the future, were completely overshadowed.

As tensions heighten, the other Islanders sit in shock. The argument then turns to Jack, as he says to Dani, "I'm still annoyed that you don't care about all the nice things." As the fight comes to a close, Dani is seen walking away, with Jack promising not to talk to her if she storms off.

As if our hearts weren't already racing, ITV then preview a clip of Jack for today's episode. Storming off camera, Jack is seen saying "bollocks I'm going."

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Where the fuck do you think you're going?!

Left on the edge of our seats, the nation are questioning has Jack really left Love Island?

Take a deep breath and relax. We can reveal that Jack has not left the show, as an ITV representative has confirmed to Jack and Dani devotees that "he is still in the villa".

With Frankie's cheating rumors and realising everybody knows eachother from home, Dani and Jack were the purest thing left in the villa.

That just leaves the nation praying that Jack and Dani can work things out in tonight's episode. Jani, we're rooting for ya.

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