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Love Island Gossip Column: Which boy has been secretly getting fillers? And Adam fails lie detector test

Another day, another drama

Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

One of the boy islanders has been secretly getting fillers and it's not who you expect it to be

Though we can't reveal who it is, he told his mates he's going on a "lad's holiday" for eight weeks, with a face pumped full of Botox. According to an inside source his "expressionless" face "explains the staring." We'll just leave that information there for you…

You won't look at new boy Idris the same way after seeing his cringe Big Brother audition tape

The islanders have made all sorts of desperate attempts for fame in the past, but this one might beat them all. Idris Virgo, one of the two new boys, posted this audition tape for Big Brother back in 2012. Warning: It's bad.

Alex Miller wants to go back to the villa to "confront and expose" Megan

The dumped islander told the Daily Mail: "It's all a big game to Megan. She told me the reason she'd come on the show was to do more modelling." He continued: "Now I've seen how deceitful she is, I'd like to go back into the villa and confront her and expose her game. Get me back in!" Yeah, I think we all figured that out weeks ago.

Adam failed a lie detector test when asked if he actually loves Zara looool

Everyone was sceptical about Adam's true intentions with Zara after he told her he loved her on national television. And they were right to worry because he failed a lie detector test in a live interview with Capital FM. Just watch his priceless reactions:

Love Island's Adam Collard Takes Lie Detector Test

"Have you romantically messaged any girls other than Zara since leaving the villa?" ??

Posted by Capital FM on Monday, July 9, 2018

A lot of the islanders who have come out of the villa seem to think Georgia is fake

Adam called Georgia a liar over the Jack kiss drama. Frankie is now saying she's "playing a game" by having huge rows in the villa. Is this a pattern emerging? Hmmmm.

Grace and Frankie think Josh and Kaz will win Love Island

When asked who would likely be engaged in a year's time, the newly dumped islander Grace said: "Kaz and Josh, 100 per cent." She also revealed that while "married couple" Dani and Jack could win, Kazimir Crossley and Josh could pip them to the post, and Frankie agreed with her.

There's proof the kiss scene was filmed more than once, so now people think Love Island is fake

During last Sunday's Love Island Aftersun, ITV replayed the kiss between Georgia and Jack from three different angles. But people have noticed that the first and second angle shots don't match up in terms of timing. It all looks very fishy. ?

The Kiss


Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tyla from last year is PREGNANT!

Tyla Carr is 12 weeks pregnant and the baby daddy's identity has been kept secret. They've been friends for eight years and only started dating several months ago. Tyla told The Daily Star: “I get on with him like he’s my best friend. We just have a great relationship. Everything is great – the sex is great and we get on like a house on fire.

"We’re planning on moving in together next month. I’m really happy about the way things are going." Wow, that's intense.

The islanders are so messy that the villa is now infested with rats and ants

A former contestant who wishes to be anonymous told the Sun Online: "There are ants all over the kitchen crawling all over food – trails of them are going towards the bread and fruit.

"The nastiest thing is rats. Some people don't care, but others found it really horrible. If they bothered cleaning up after themselves it wouldn't be going on. It's filthy."

Apparently bosses are so desperate to keep the place clean, they have now started thanking the housemates who take the time to wash up after themselves every time they do their bit.

Grace’s Insta numbers have finally reached double figures now that she's left the show

Her time may have been short, but at least she's go that water bottle to be carrying around when she's going round the hospital and giving people injections.

You can buy Eyal’s autograph for five pounds on eBay

Yes, someone is actually selling Eyal's old band's signed Musician Singer Cards on the internet. EverYoung used to hand out pre-signed autographs in the schools they toured ten years ago and now they're worth a fortune.

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