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Love Island Gossip Column: Wes’ ex breaks silence on Insta and Zara’s cringe love letter to Adam

You’re gonna need to sit down for this

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Do you know who deserves a fucking medal? The producers of Love Island 2018 because they have done it again. Wes and Megan snaked their couples, Laura absolutely dragged Wes, Eyal and Zara got kicked out and I think Adam actually expressed some emotion?? So much shit went down, we all collectively need a few days to recover.

But if you think you've seen it all, oh how wrong you are my friend. Because we have uncovered some petty drama from the depths of WhatsApp groups across the country and it is gold.

Welcome to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Exes have come forward, embarrassing pictures have surfaced and you can find all of that here, every day. Sit down and strap up because we're taking you in for a wild ride:

Wes' ex says his serpentine behaviour is his actual personality

Following Wes' snaky behaviour in the villa, Lucy Pestridge, who claims to be his ex-girlfriend, spoke out about their two and a half year relationship on Instagram last night.

She said: "So glad Wes has exposed his true colours and people are starting to see what a snake he really is and what I had to put up with in the last few months…" Her savage Instagram story ended with: "So glad I binned him off when I did #luckyescape."

Also, literally everybody hates Megan including fashion brand 'In the Style'

The nation has turned against Megan and it seems so have fast fashion outlets. 'In The Style' have stated they won't be giving her a discount code when she's out of the Villa. Brutal.

It's not just Megan's personality that's fake, her face is too apparently

After what she did to Eyal, it shouldn't come as a shock that Megan really does have two faces. Back in 2012 when she was 18, she looked more like Laura does at 29 than she looks like herself now.

But it seems like it's all getting too much for Megan's Instagram account as comments are now blocked on it

Whoever is running Megan's Instagram account has turned off comments on all her posts. The last picture you can comment on is one of her from the 20th of June where most of the comments read "slag."

Jack's 'ex' is going into the villa, but it turns out they only got together a couple of times and were never in a relationship


A post shared by Elliejones (@elliejones_xox) on Jun 3, 2018 at 7:13am PDT

An insider source who is good friends with Ellie claims she wasn't in a proper relationship with Jack and that they only slept together a few times. Ellie has now said that she has dated him "on and off". But in today's preview of tonight's episode Jack looks like he saw a ghost.

Zara has fallen so hard for Adam, she's written him a love letter on Instagram and everyone knows it's not gonna age well

Read Zara's really over the top reaction to her leaving Adam before it gets deleted when he cracks on with someone else tonight. If he loved you, he probably would have left with you babe.

In any case, she won't be busy for the next year. An email we sent to her bounced and it looks like she's taking some time off work.

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Josh Denzel is getting a looooot of Instagram attention from his male fans

When @jack_charlesf comes at you ? #LoveIsland

A post shared by Josh Denzel – Love Island (@joshdenzel) on Jun 15, 2018 at 1:56pm PDT

According to an insider source close to the people running Josh Denzel's Instagram account, he's receiving a lot more attention in his DMs from eligible male bachelors than the female ones. That is very interesting.

Georgia is the absolute angel of the villa and her first Instagram post proves it

What was my mum thinking?????

A post shared by Georgia Steel (@geesteelx) on Sep 8, 2013 at 2:29pm PDT

The nation's favourite Georgia Steel's first Instagram post features her rocking her signature hairstyle at a young age. This is confirmation that this girl is an angel sent from above and hasn't changed since that photo was taken.

Charlie's made his way all the way up to Hull for his first of many club appearances and it's as tragic as you can imagine

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Charlie, the one who you might confuse for Harley from last year, has been touring the country and doing cringe club appearances. Catch him at Pryzm Watford tomorrow where he "WILL BE IN THE CLUB FROM MIDNIGHT." Woah.

A girl who kissed Charlie when she was a teenager said girls used to call him the "God of Plymouth"

Talking of Charlie, a girl who knew him back in Plymouth when she was younger said: "everyone fancied him" because he was "the God of Plymouth." She confessed: "I got with him at a party years and years ago and it was the best night of my life at the time." Amazing.

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