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Here’s who the new Love Island cast members want to couple up with when they enter the villa

They basically all want to get with Josh and Ellie

Six new boys and six new girls are set to enter the Love Island villa tonight, as Casa Amor is open for business once again.

Along with the Eyal and Zara being voted off the show and whole Wes, Laura and Megan drama, it's all been kicking off. But the one question on everyone's mind is who the newbies are going to try and lay it on thick with.

Well, the new Islanders have let slip some hints as to who they fancy and potentially want to couple up with, and let me tell you it looks like there is going to be drama.

Kazimir Crossley fancies Josh

The 23-year-old make up artist says she loves a good personality over a hot body any day. So naturally she's drawn to overall good guy Josh, will this turn his head after promising Georgia he's sticking with her?

Darylle Sargeant fanices Adam, Josh, and Jack

Darylle, an eyebrow technician who used to date TOWIE's Dean Ralph, likes tattooed guys and a good personality. She says she has her eyes on Adam, Josh and Jack.

Ellie Jones fancies Josh and Alex

Jack's ex didn't mince words when asked what she's looking for, saying, "In the villa, I fancy Josh." She also added she likes Alex because "he’ll be a good person to bring home to my parents". Let's hope she keeps well away from Jack for the sake of Jani.

Savannah Darnell is after someone who doesn't smoke and that can make her laugh

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The daughter of pop legend Kid Creole is after someone who can make her laugh, so let's just give her a box set of The US Office and be done with it.

She did mention, however, that she doesn't want to get with someone that smokes. So, here's a list of people on the island that smoke to narrow down Savannah's options.

Grace Wardle is keeping her options open

The 25-year-old from London wants to meet the Islanders in person first before she makes up her mind. Grace said: "Until we gel though, I can’t really say what I want. I’m quite open minded."

In other words, Grace is likely to be boring as hell.

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Charlie fancies Sam and Alex

Hailing from Bath, Charlie says she'll be bringing banter into the villa. She has the hots for Alex, citing his good morals as the main reason, and also Island newbie Sam who she likes for his sense of humour.

Jordan fancies Ellie, Megan, and Georgia

If you want to know what Jordan is like, he listed his best feature as his looks, twice. Jordan, who fancies himself a bit of a player has his eyes on Ellie, Megan, and Georgia.

Charlie Brake fancies Ellie and Megan

When asked about what he does for work, Charlie listed his job as a 'socialite'. This man with a questionably authentic job in Chelsea says he wants to hook up with Ellie and Megan.

Frankie Foster fancies Ellie

Now THAT is a cool and alliterative name! The Business Management student and fitness coach from Cheltenham considers himself easy going. He originally listed Zara along with Ellie on his list of crushes, so will have been gutted to see Zara booted off the show last night.

Jack Fowler fancies 'brunettes'

Jack, a semi-pro footballer from London, says he has a definite type: "Brunette, a girl who is curvy with a nice bum and a nice smile and nice eyes.: Therefore, we can assume his dream girl would be either Georgia or Megan.

Dean Overson – Megan and Ellie

It seems like all the new guys fancy Ellie doesn't it? Dean, 25 years old and from Burnley says he just wants to have fun but has his sights on Megan.

Alex Miller – Dani and Ellie

"Dani is very coupled up with Jack so we’ll have to see how coupled up they really are when I go in…" That says everything you need to know about him. Dick.

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