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If Love Island contestants were Tracy Beaker Characters this is who they’d be

Welcome to the Villa aka. The Dumping Ground

Loads of annoying characters trapped in a house, pretty unloved and prone to squabbling: think about it for anything more than a second and it’s crystal clear that Love Island’s Villa is just a weird rebooted version of Tracy Beaker’s Dumping Ground.

In fact, it’s more than that. We’re pretty sure each and every cast member is just a grown up version of the OG Tracy Beaker crew.

And the evidence is all in this Twitter thread of Love Island contestants reimagined as Tracy Beaker characters:

Dani – Tracy Beaker

Always goes on about her Hollywood parent, big mouth.

Jack – Bouncer Plakova

Cheeky chap, sweetheart, lovely smile.

Eyal – Peter Ingham

Just a bit weird, but sweet.

Adam – Lol Plakova

Absolute heartthrob, deffo sleepwalks.

Wes – Ben Batambuze

Loads of money, mature for his age, lil bit mysterious.

Hayley – Louise Goven

Stuck up, and very very annoying.

Niall – Rio Wellard

Lil bit edgy and defo loves Maroon 5.

Kendall – Justine Littlewood

Wants to be the star of the show, seems like she throws a good strop.

Alex – Mike Milligan

Very serious, mature and not the best looking.

Samira – Dolly

Too much energy, gets hyper over one banana milkshake, musical theatre lover.

Laura – Jackie Hopper

Seems a bit crazy, deffo fancies Ben/Wez because of his money.

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