How to fit into every boy’s uni sports team, in starter pack form

It’s about to get personal

If you've ever met a sports-playing boy at your uni, you will know they love their sports team, are willing to die for their sports team and will never stop telling you about it. They think they're part of the coolest squad on campus, and will come back to every alumni event their team holds even when they graduate.

But they didn't all start off that way. No. Not too long ago, they too, were a humble fresher who didn't know which sport to choose at the society fair or whether they'd even fit in. Yet after they were initiated they went from a scared first year, to a proud senior member of the team with a bit too much power and time on their hands. Their lives revolve around SU nights, the girls they pull and cheap pints. It's basically all a massive laugh.

"But how do I get into one of those sports teams?" I hear you ask. Don't worry, we've made nine starter pack guides to each uni sports team, to help you fit in and belong like you always wanted:

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