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Sainsbury’s six bottles of Prosecco for £1.50 each trick is back in time for Easter!!!

This is a bit of me

Having a massive meal, a three day lie down, before vanishing is basically what's going to happen when you drink all six bottles of Prosecco you've copped for £1.50 each.

THAT Sainsbury's deal is back, and once again have explained how to sneak in to the bargain.

SO here's how to do it. It's for new Sainsbury's customers, so make sure not to do it through an existing account.

1. Get yourself this Sainsbury's Prosecco Frizzante

You can go more expensive if you want, but to brag to your friends about just how frugal you are, don't stray from this one.

2. Order six bottles

As you would anyway. Sainsbury's is going 25 per cent off six bottles. Honestly, this is your excuse to buy six bottles of Prosecco without feeling guilty. For maximum savings you'll need to collect in store.

3. Enter the magic code SCSSEOMAR

This code is for those new to Sainsbury's online shopping, and bags you £18 off £60. So you'll need to get your spend up to £60, of which at least £18 is not booze. Based on how much you back yourself, maybe get some nibbles or some paracetamol.

For it to work, you'll need to collect before 11pm on 11th April.

4. Make sure they don't substitute it

There's a danger your cheapest bottles of fizz might get substituted for more expensive ones if what you've chosen isn't in stock.

So, untick the "allow substitutions" box.

Check that all the discounts have been applied, and you're good to go.