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I’m sorry, but Engineering boys are low-key the fittest people at uni

Look, I am as shocked as you are ok

Everyone is always roasting engineering students, mocking their inability to use the right "their", calling them virgins because everyone loves a good virgin joke and accusing them of being watered down mathematicians.

where is the lie

Posted by The Tab on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

But not all Engineers are walking around in royal blue society hoodies or playing strategy games late into the night. They are actually the low-key hottest people on campus and they are about to steal all your History students' girlfriends.

Engineers are unassumingly hot

You'll have known this guy for ages, then one night your in a club, he is swinging his t-shirt over his head and yelling Come on Eileen. Something about his mildly toned body, his gingery stubble and cheeky smile makes you realise: He is actually so sexy.

Yes, my friend – yes he is. Something about that flannel checked shirt their mum bought them, the Adidas Gazelles, that brown longish hair style which is all ruffled on top, the beige cargo pants, a big practical rucksack with lots of pockets.

He is not wearing a wavy shirt that looks like it was shawn off your Nan's curtains, nor is he smothered in Adidas three stripe. He looks fit for purpose, like a piece of IKEA furniture.

Unlike everyone else in our piss poor generation, Engineers might actually get a job

You might be into the tight black polo neck and tortoiseshell glasses of English Literature students, but those guys will spend the next five years making cups of tea at their Dad's companies.

Meanwhile engineering students are wearing hard hats, writing fancy calculations about bridges and infrastructure.

And when everyone else's job gets replaced by robots, Engineers will probs be the ones commanding the robots.

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"A lot of engineers love to wear mountaineering shoes and those waterproof trousers in all scenarios, but we are not all like that" Sam Ramsdon, 23, currently doing a masters in Engineering.

According to common logic, Engineers are good in bed

You don't have to be into walking boots and wax finish baggy jeans to enjoy having sex with an Engineer. Just think, they spend so much time delicately wielding around protractors, running their hands along the smooth edges, imagine the precision. Also, it takes no time to pull a hoodie over someones head, even if it is a Gap one his mum bought him for Christmas.

He will be able to take you out for dinner and not just to Zizzi's when he has a 2for1 voucher

Most Engineers get paid crap so loads of them sell out and work in finance, which is bad. So hello steak candle lit dinners and shoes with red bottoms. Go out with an Engineer and you'll be off to Budapest together, sipping golden ale and tagging pictures "drinks with this one".

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"Unlike humanities students, we might actually get a job, in a few months women will be flocking to me like a Lynx advert" Matthew Dormer, 23, Managing Director.

Engineering is an actual physical and mental skill

If most of your conversations with men involve listen to them blab on about with the symbolism of red apples. Get yourself an Engineer. They construct real things that you can actually touch and use.

They have 9-5 hours at university which means they aren't slobs

Whilst most of the student population spend their time sweating out vodka and coke into their musty unwashed sheets whilst watching endless episode of Peep Show, Engineers are out studying, doing Algebra and that.