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This new app sends a ‘legal request’ for sexual consent during one night stands

Ah, so this is what 2018 looks like

An app recording sexual consent as a "legally binding agreement", has been created.

They way it works is, you receive a request for "sexual intercourse" from someone on the app LegalFling, and if you press accept, the app claims you've entered a legally binding agreement.

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Aside from the sexual intercourse, the Fling settings can ask if you:

– Consent to photo and video content to be made

– Want to use a condom

– Are STD free

– Are into "Explicit language"

– Are into BDSM

And if one party breaches the contract by withholding information about pre-existing STDs or shares the other's nudes or private videos online, they could end up in court.

LegalFling states: "Sex should not only be fun. It should also be safe for everyone. Asking someone to sign a contract before the fun starts is a little uncomfortable. A simple swipe is easy as 1,2,3."

But this consent could be withdrawn, which would effectively end the legal agreement.

On the LegalFling website, it states: "No means no at any time. Being passed out means "no" at any time. This is explicitly described in the agreement."

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Although it's yet to be verified by Google and and Apple, it's secured in a blockchain and LegalFling say it won't be long until it can be downloaded.