Is he fit or edgy fit? When he’s a 6/10 but has an excellent v i b e

They’re fit, but like, not fit fit

There are two types of men in this world: fit, and edgy fit.

Now edgy fit aren't necessarily better than the fit kind, like the name may suggest. Instead, they're the kind which are really hard to describe to your friends when trying to ascertain the level of fitness they peak at.

They're a little bit weird and have an odd facial feature, like goofy teeth or a big nose. They could have a shit hair-cut, wear a hoop earring – which you think might be the main reason you find them so attractive – they're simply not what you would call instantly fit straight away.

But their 6/10 features are masked by their impeccable dress sense. To compensate facially or physically, their whole aesthetic is spot on. They nail the vibe every time: a tailored long black coat (probably from All Saints), jet black jeans, premium leather boots, and some kind of mohair/cashmere Reiss black jumper. They're so chic and stylish they instantly rise two more points in estimations, bringing them up to a 8/10.

Who knows, there could be a 10/10 under that bucket hat

Who knows, there could be a 10/10 under that bucket hat

Edgy fit boys are the opposite from their 'fit' counterparts, which are just textbook, run-of-the-mill, perfect Instagram, has a Labrador kinda fit. Instead, the edgy kind probably own some scruffy border terrier, don't go to the gym, watches Rick & Morty – and genuinely finds it hilarious – and hates any social occasion beyond pints in the pub with no more than five friends, because then you can't have "proper conversations".

They don't want to try and get into finance or marketing, but instead are trying to make it as a photographer taking pictures of shadows and 1960's buildings (which are all over their Instagram), or want to run an Luwak coffee shop as they claim it's the "best thing for your health."

Who IS he??

Who IS he??

Trying to explain to your girl group how you have decided they're an 8/10, despite the fact they've all scanned his Insta and said "he looks…nice", before quickly changing the conversation, brings out all the same expressions. "He's better in real life!", you'll cry, "I just can't explain it", "there's just something about him…you'll understand when you see him", "he's like, got this like, earring and omg you'll just have to wait!!!". No matter how hard you try, no one is going to believe you.

More on their Insta – it gives nothing away, apart from their exceptional eye for lighting and the fact they like wearing dark clothes. It's full of sky-line shots with a dull building in the corner, empty miserable streets and the odd image of their carefully crafted flat white, edited in VSCO cam only naturally.

Their fitness isn't intrinsic – it's not in their eyes, their height, abdominal structure or hair colour – instead, it's hidden in their overall vibe. When it comes to edgy fit boys, you'll try all you can to persuade everyone he's their cup of tea too. But deep down you know yourself they're just a little bit weird. Fit tho.