Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman of 2016

‘Nevertheless, she persisted’

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She might have fallen short of the Presidency, but Hillary Clinton was still the most admired woman of 2016, according to Gallup’s annual poll.

Hillary won with 12 per cent of the votes, which came from polling Americans in December last year. Michelle Obama came in second place with eight per cent of the vote, followed by Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively.

This is the 21st time since the poll’s inception that Hillary has topped the list of most admired woman, having first come ‘most admired’ in 1993 when she became First Lady. Since then she’s only been bested twice, by Mother Theresa in 95 and 96 (fair enough) and by Laura Bush in 2001 (um, fair enough?), which means she’s won for 15 consecutive years.

To add insult to injury in the same poll’s ‘Most Admired Men’ ranking, Trump – the man who accidentally became POTUS in the world’s worst oops moment – didn’t even come top. He was beaten to the top spot by dearly departed sorely missed Barack Obama.

It’s the 9th time Obama – who came in front of Trump by seven per cent – has won most admired man of the year.