Who is Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie’s Clapham husband?

He’s not me, and that’s upsetting


It’s kind of refreshing when a celebrity couple keep themselves to themselves. People didn’t fucking shut up about Jay-Z and Bey when Lemonade was released and #KimExposedTaylorParty has, delightfully, returned Kimye to our collective conscious.  But the privacy provokes a prying desire for inquisition. Enter Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley.

Who is the man Margot is dating and what is it about him that’s better than me? On a scale of Macaulay Culkin circa 2003 to Rig City, how much of a physical specimen is Tom Ackerley ? Would Tom Ackerley beat me in a fight? Would Tom Ackerley beat me in a game of pool? What’s the fastest Tom Ackerley can bolt a pint?

The man from Clapham

Margot Robbie met Tom Ackerley when they were both working on the set of Suite Française in 2013, a World War Two flick filmed in Belgium – Margs in front of the camera and Tom behind it. They stayed friends in the years following, during which Robbie admits she was harbouring an affection for Mr Ackerley. It was hopefully more platonic than insidious but, most importantly, Margot vocalised her feelings and now the pair have been together for two years.

They lived together in Clapham, sharing with two other friends with whom they are also business partners, before getting their own place in Shepherd’s Bush. Running LuckyChap, a production company, all four intend to move out to LA in the near future. But not before a good few sweaty ragers at SW institution Infernos.

Guildford and Godalming

Surrey native Ackerley went to state Godalming College. The Sixth Form only school four miles out from Guildford has a reputation as being the destination for the more party-minded alumni from a plethora of nearby private schools. Other students include Lucy Watson, Isabel Hardman and Rufus Hound.

The son of an estate agent, Tom opted for the stereotypical and, after coupling up with Margot, moved into their Clapham flat share. They were regularly spotted on the Common, in the local Saino’s and even in the Maccy’s after nights out.

The Ackerley canon

A low key and fairly normal, by Hollywood’s standards, upbringing belies a distinguished body of work to which Ackerley can lay claim. Admittedly, no blockbusters à la Wolf of Wall Street, but impressive nonetheless. An assistant director, he worked on Rush, Pride, Macbeth and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Outside of his impressive career Tom enjoys riding bikes, both push and motorised, and travelling with work. That’s all I could get from his Instagram.

So by all accounts, Tom Ackerley is a decent bloke.

Fuck you Tom, fuck you.