Confessions: The worst of the worst Tinder horror stories

One girl got herpes

Since its inception Tinder says it’s made 10 million matches – but they’re not all good ones. In fact, they can be pretty shit. Here’s just a selection – try not to be put off dating for life.


There was a guy who talked about my tits loads then told me to Snapchat him. When I didn’t he harassed me for two days, asking why I wasn’t replying. In the end I had to spell it out to him that I wasn’t interested and he seemed like a perv.



I had a guy who was not only an hour late to our date, but talked about politics three minutes in and would not stop. Hw aid that Trump should build a wall and shouldn’t care about social issues like abortion. I eventually said “I’m sorry, but you’re not my type” so he did a complete 180. Said I had to pay for my dinner, then asked me if he was ugly. I said he wasn’t, then asked him if I was ugly, and he didn’t say anything. He said I probably go for dorks and dweebs, then got up and left before the check even came.
He also showed me pictures of some girl he knew in high school that he thought was so hot and that apparently looked like me.


 Let me start by adding that I was on Tinder for a while before I met who’s now my serious boyfriend of a year and four months. But there have been some awful guys. There was one hockey dude who asked me to do anal while my parents were home the first time we hooked up. Needless to say we did not hook up again.


 I had a boy follow me to three different bars after I made it clear I wasn’t interested. On the dance floor he would just stand there and stare at me and my friends and not even try and be normal.



He was new to NYC and wanted to meet people in the area. The first time we hung out, nothing romantic happened, we didn’t even kiss. The second time we hung out, it was for hours. He kissed me for the first time while we were hanging out in a park and we ended up having sex many hours later. It was amazing and I really, really liked him.
We both started to get sick around the same time and we thought it was just a cold. We hung out two more times during this, the last time having sex twice. He texted me saying he was at the doctor and they think it might be herpes. I went into an Urgent Care crying and asking to be tested. The following days were full of him either ignoring me or blaming me, saying he “never had any problems since he came to NYC.”

The Urgent Care called me after the results were in and had me come to the clinic to diagnose me with herpes (from the swab test they did of a sore on my labia I just thought was an ingrown hair from shaving). They didn’t know the type though since the bloodwork came back negative due to me not having any antibodies yet. He texted me saying his results came back as positive for HSV-1, or “oral herpes.” I got it from him going down on me.

I gave him a second chance to prove he cared, but it never went anywhere.
The last time we spoke was when I texted him to wish him happy birthday a couple months later and he started saying sexual things to me, which seemed like a booty call. I told him I couldn’t come over and he was like “oh well I couldn’t have you over anyway” and I never spoke to him again.


I’ve had plenty of the usual cheesy chat up lines and pictures I didn’t want to receive. One time I did meet up with a guy though. It was good but at one point it became quite clear it had gone downhill and I didn’t know what had gone wrong. After we’d said goodbye he told me he thought we were better  off as friends seeing as if turned down his advances. I didn’t realise he’d even come on to me…